Breaking Point: Tony Dovolani Wants Kate Gosselin Gone ASAP From Dancing with the Stars

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Tony Dovolani puts on a good front.

You would never think, given the way he bucks her up and puts on that brave, smiling face in public that he's miserable with his Dancing with the Stars partner.

But he is.

Behind the scenes, the competitor "can't wait to get rid of Kate Gosselin, even if it means losing early," a show insider says, and it's hard to blame the guy.

Last week's clip of them bickering in rehearsal (Dovolani threatened to walk off after a Kate tirade) is "just the tip of the iceberg," multiple sources say.

"Not only is Kate THE worst dancer, but she's just nasty."

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani Picture

Beneath the smile lies a simmering rage.

According to one Dancing with the Stars insider, the "argumentative" monster mom snapped at her counterpart during a particularly frustrating practice at home.

"I'm the reason anyone knows your name," she said, "give me a break!"

Sounds absurd, but somehow we can picture it, can't you?

Kate Gosselin, hilariously, has even commanded that Dovolani enter through the basement door, rather than the front entrance, like hired help or some servant.

We can see that too. Bet she also did that to Jon Gosselin.

"She says it's quicker, but it's really just her way of showing him she's the boss," a Gosselin source says, adding that quite frankly, "They hate each other."

"Backstage, she will back him into a wall, and he won't listen or look at her. He doesn't want to be around her unless he has to," another source recounts.

We've said it before, and will say it again: Free Tony Dovolani!


Okay everyone what woman isn't a bitch on a normal day? Really it's TV and if I had 8 kids trying to live these days i would probably be more crazier then she is, she love or hate her, wear her shoes for a week then write what kind of a person she would or would not be..... And dancing with the stars is for people who have never danced before not for those who dance like Nicole scherzinger has done all the moves so really give kate a break.


How sad. The mother of 8 should slide under the rug for a few years and not add anymore embarrassing situations to her resume. She always has this sour look on her puss. It's not about you Kate. It's about those 8 kids and their feelings. Everytime you get another 15 minutes of fame you blow it. Wake up and do some charity work or something possitive with what little spare time you have. Make them proud of you for a change.


You always want to believe the bad about the people you're down on at the moment. Erin Andrews was on a news show saying how fun Kate was and how she enjoyed texting with her. Why not put that up in big headlines, oh doesn't get as many hits. I've seen pictures of her partner coming thru the front door. What do I believe your source or my eyes? She is a bad dancer so are the majority of the people who have been on this show. The partners paid to work on the show should expect this every year.


lmao....Each one of you who doubt this story is true... picture yourself hauling a..."DEAD WEIGHT"...around a dance floor, trying to look professional at the same time. AND add the fact that you, like Tony, gets NOOOOOO appreciation for the effort from NASTY KATE GOSSELIN .......(POOR TONY!!!!!)...


Tony, I feel for you bud. I'd make myself trip and fall through every routine just so I would be voted off if I had to put up with Kate. It has been more than obvious throughout her previous show that she is an overbearing self absorbed witch. The casting crew for DWTS should start casting stars that people really want to see.


I would not be surprised if this was true. It is more than obvious if anyone would open their eyes that Kate is the absolute WORST dancer ont he show. She shuld ahev been gone after the first week. She is self absorbed, thinks she is somebody because she was on a TV show because she had 8 kids, not because she had any talent whatsoever. The woman does not belong on TV. DWTS is just a popularity contest and people who really deserve to be on the show and stay on the show get the short end of the stick.


I'm so sick of these so-called "sources". We all know Kate has a tude, but until I hear it from Tony himself, I'm not buying this BS. I'm not that naive or gullable to believe all this crap, even though I wouldn't be shocked.
Nicole will win this - I found out a way to vote over & over!


Kate & Britney are probably the most hated women in America. Self absorbed morons that think the world owes them. Gimme a break.


lol..the most hilariously entertaining piece i have ever read, guys and the hate filled vendettas you get against people really shines through in your is soooo funny....good thing everyone knows how stupid you are


Tony tweeted last night that this is not true. You might like to do a story on how Nicole Scherzinger is the "source" who has been badmouthing Kate Gosselin - same kind of crap she did to the other Pussycat Dolls. I also know an "insider" at DWTS and it seems that Scherzinger had expected to be the star, and she wants Kate gone. I have actually heard this from 3 different people. Investigate!

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