Bikini Body Battle: Kim Kardashian vs. Serena Williams

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On most Miami afternoons, Kim Kardashian would strut along Miami Beach, confident that she has the most slammin bikini body in town.

But another female stepped up this week, a woman known for her fiery, competitive side. If Kim thinks she can take Serena Williams lightly, the model will be in for a major shock.

The tennis star played in the water and made a literal splash with fans yesterday. Check out Serena below, challening Kardashian for Floridian supremacy. Then, vote in our poll...

Another Bikini Shot
Serena in a Bikini

Who has the better bikini body?


Steve and Lisa i have to disagree. Lisa at least you make sense in your post but steve you must have the brain and eye sight of a pile of dog crap. Serena is smokin hot and is on every best looking list in the U.S. also I am sure you are a real prize to look at.


serena is the best of me,the compare has no match serena is the most pretty..


How can you even compare, ofcourse Kim is better looking.


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Both of these young ladies are very beautiful. Mankind will never understand the nature and greatness of beauty. The sons of God saw the daughter of men and took them wives.In Genesis we see that even the angels were touch by the beauty of women. When Abram made his journey with his wife Sarah.He told her to tell the Egyptian that you are my sister;otherwise they will kill me. Not only is the beauty of womem are hard for man to understand but an angels has well. The great Casanova in his book remarked that he had many affairs two hundred and some I believe. Why did he keep coming back for more? Was it love or lust or whatever he kept coming back for more. Being beautiful has nothing to do with Hollywood or sports.Actors or Doctors. Where on earth do some ofyou people come from? Mars. Casanova claim over two hundred sexual encounter. How many do you think Serena And Kim could have if they wanted too. The list is still growing.


they both look good in their own way but kim looks more feminine. yoyo is very stupid for saying serena is ugly cos she's not.


Serena is not an ape nor look like one. I bet yoo look like a ape your self. Serena and Kim have two different body tapes. I think both ladies look nice. I wish people will realize we all are not blonde,blue eyed,& skinny. We all were created in the image of God so I guess God must look ugly and like an ape?


totally agree with mhmm & maltaboy :)


I fully agree with mhmm. Serena has worked incredibly hard to get where she is and has a super fit body.


It is very interesting that these two women are even being compared. It’s like comparing Michael Phelps to Madonna’s boy toy model….Serena is famous due to her natural talent along with the hard work that is required of any athlete to be on top of their game, there are so many tennis players who will never achieve what she has…whereas Kim is famous for having sex and being foolish enough to tape it with a b-list celebrity. I don’t know I suppose I would prefer talent over being a sex toy, being respected for my hard work and talent instead of being objectified.

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