Ben Roethlisberger Cleared in Sexual Assault Case

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NFL star Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged for sexual assault over the alleged incident that took place March 5 in Georgia, according to news reports.

According to Milledgeville, Ga., prosecutor Fred Bright, the alleged victim wrote a letter on March 17, stating she no longer wanted to pursue the case.

Why she wanted it over with is unclear, but it's a done deal.

During his investigation, Bright claims that "everyone" involved said that both the quarterback and the Ben Roethlisberger accuser were highly intoxicated.

What's unclear is what went on in the bathroom at Capital City nightclub, as "significant questions about what occurred" mean Ben won't be prosecuted.

BEN THERE, DONE THAT: Roethlisberger dodges another bullet.

After the alleged incident, the woman went to a local hospital where a doctor and two nurses examined her and found "a superficial laceration," bruising and bleeding.

The woman told doctors "a boy kinda raped me," but prosecutors say the doctor could not definitively say if the woman's injuries substantiated a sexual assault claim.

Bright said Roethlisberger initially claimed the woman fell and hit her head in the bathroom, but after she arrived at the hospital, doctors found no head trauma.

After that, Bright says Ben's agent stepped in and said the quarterback wouldn't answer questions without an attorney present. In any case, he's in the clear now.

His civil suit courtesy of Andrea McNulty is still pending, however.

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The GA rape by roethlisberger was savagely opprotunistic- and premeditated and even had pro-police bodyguards as necessary protection for the deed.
Andrea McNulty appears to have a valid claim; she should think about it, roethlisberger did not call her "darling". Seems like a fade-away wannabe a QB but can't keep up with Goddess Nike; he's got 2 SB rings with just ONE touchdown; That is his outstanding record. Two Superbowl rings with ONE touch down and 3 interceptions; He gave away 14 points and contributed a measly 6 points.