Ben Roethlisberger Accuser Claimed She Was Raped By NFL Star, Coerced By Bodyguard

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Ben Roethlisberger's sexual assault accuser has broken her silence for the first time, describing an allegedly disturbing incident with the NFL star.

A friend of the woman told police that Roethlisberger's bodyguard dragged the woman into a bathroom where she and Ben had sexual relations.

In 572 pages of documents released Wednesday, Nicole Biancofiore told police that her friend, a student at Georgia State University, "was dragged by a bodyguard to the back room in Capital [City, a local nightclub]."

"She was extremely intoxicated and not aware of what was happening."

Ben Roethlisberger: What a shady individual.

"He had sex w/me and meanwhile his bodyguards told my friends they couldn't pass them to get to me," the accuser wrote in her statement.

Roethlisberger will not be charged in the incident, which occurred March 5, as the accusations could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the Milledgeville, Ga., incident, Roethlisberger was out drinking with friends to celebrate his 28th birthday and bumped into the student.

The girl and her sorority sisters linked up with Ben's crew at Capital City, where he invited them to a VIP section and bought them shots.

Later, the accuser said Roethlisberger had sex with her in a bathroom ... having already taken the equipment out beforehand. Uhh ...

Another friend of the accuser, Aliesha Scholten, told police she tried to open the door, but "she was taken away by a bodyguard of Ben's."

The initial police report said that "One of the suspect's bodyguards escorted her to a back room/hallway area where the suspect was."

"Once there, she stated, the suspect asked her for sex. It is unclear what happened after this due to the "hysterical" complainant's recollection being foggy. However, she did write a statement of what she thought happened."

She told authorities Ben took his penis out of his pants before following her into a bathroom, and later told people she was raped.

This just moments after her encounter with Ben.

According to one witness, the accuser claimed it all started in a secluded hallway when Ben walked over "with his penis already out of his pants."

The accuser claimed she tried to walk out of the area, but instead of opening an exit, mistakenly opened the bathroom door ... and walked in.

According to the witness, the accuser claimed afterward that Ben followed her inside the bathroom, shut the door, and proceeded to rape her. 

Police say they spoke to Ben that night, and according to the document, at the time he told officers he remembered hanging around the accuser earlier in the night ... but told her "she was too drunk after observing her fall."

Ben said he then walked away from her. 


There is something wrong with that boy.


The Steelers used to call themselves 60 minute men. Ben has changed that. 10 minutes in the bathroom and she isn't sure if they had sex. I thought he didn't have a girl friend because he is not very good looking, but Now I guess we know he is short and quick. I will have to get a new T-shirt that says BEN 10 MINUTE MAN


If she can't really remember anything then how is she so sure she was raped? Getting drunk or high, losing your inhibitions and screwing someone you norammly wouldn't isn't rape.


Was a rape kit done? Did he use a rubber? He will never date any self respecting girl can you imagine bringing him home to meet the folks. One time its he said she said but this is his 3rd time that we know of. Ya there are gold diggers but a pattern has been established and he is f@cked in the publics eye off the field.


It has been on the news here in Pgh, a lawyer from Boston had been contacted by a young female about a year ago with a nearly identical story, who had then decided not to pursue charges back then because she didn't want her name known. It may appear that Big Ben has a history of this kind of behavior. Oh yeah, we are so proud, send us all the NFL criminals.


Elizabeth - You are a moron who is speaking without having a fact or stat in the world. The NFL is one of the best run sports leagues that there is. The NBA is far worse but you wouldn't know that because you like to mouth off about things you have no clue about.


Are you people insane...You all act like this girl was completely innocent. She was all over Ben that night! She had a shirt on that only a sleeze would wear. You can't parade your body around and not expect guys to come on to you. And as far as her friends go, they are liars and are out for money and fame. If I was in that senario and my friend was in a bathroom with a guy and I was nervous she was in trouble and I couldn't get to her, I would have went to the police right then. Not just leave her in there! SOME FRIENDS THEY WERE! This whole story is contradicting! I am sick of girls like them giving the rest of us a BAD NAME!!!!!


This guy is disgusting!! The NFL is full of criminals so I would not be that shocked if he doesn't get punished harshly.


some good old boys will meet up with ben someday


this story is so sad ... he's an nfl star and needs bodyguards to drag drunk girls into the can at a backwoods redneck dive bar for him to get laid!

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