Sarah Palin Goes Nuclear on Barack Obama

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The White House's declaration that the U.S. will not respond to a conventional attack with nuclear weapons has come under attack itself ... from Sarah Palin.

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    So Barry Obama is an expert on nuclear weapons, global power politics and disarmament? Last time I checked his resume was pretty thin. Aside for community organizing, and handing out political favors and my tax dollars to his unemployed constituents in Chicago, he ain't got much experience, period.
    It shows what an intellecutal wasteland this country is that we would elect such a fool to a high office. He didn't even the experience GWB had. At least W had the experience of two terms of Govenor of the second largest state and the second largest state economy in the country under his belt. I'd bet Obama only got into and through Harvard because of affirmative action, and Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee would probably agree, as I heard her tell a bunch of Black Chem E professionals the same thing.


    Have you checked out the vote? An unbelievable 34% think Sarah Palin is right about nuclear arms... You need to be suffering from concussion to let this woman do your weekly shop!




    I'm stuck on the Madonna necklaces, the black velvet jacket with the weird church lady helmet hair and super business glasses... I mean, I think a "newqueler" explosion happened in her closet. What the heck is that about dontcha know. Please decide on either super sassy sexy school mistress or grandma but pick one, the combo is creeping me out.


    Ben Franklin said, "You don't use dynamite to kill a misquito."


    I am so glad i live in a country that doesnt have to listen to a woman that has no clue what the hell she talking about. It says only in America can a person without knowledge can influence a bunch of people that dont have a clue what really going on but to follow a woman that only thinks about herself. SHE QUIT AS GOVERNOR OF HER STATE to say she can see Russia from her back yard her child gets pregnant but is against teen age sex she should clean up her own household before she tries to influence anybody.She is the without a doubt to be the least intelligent person in public office for a long time,ops that right she QUIT.


    Miss M, it's not to late to more to Canada. You know you can go to Costa Rica with Rush. Isn't that where he said he was going if Heathcare Reform pass? I hope you have a wonderful life in Canada or Costa Rica.


    The President spoke the Truth the other day when he said that Sarah Palin was not an expert on nuclear issues.I would have went alittle further by saying she isn't an expert on ANY issues.


    @Sarno: Maybe you're referring to that. I was referring, and so is this article, to Palin's quote that she wants to "go back to the time of Ronald Reagan when the nation defense policy was 'We win, you lose.' She actually said that in response to the treaty.
    I'm happy to have an intellectual debate on this topic, but if you're on the side of Palin, you're simply on the side of sound bites over factual information.


    'We win, you lose!' - Free Britney

    Hold on... That sounds like Barrack Hussein Obama's nuanced statement on bi-partisan leadership.

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