American Idol Shocker: Goodbye, Siobhan Magnus

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We ranked her second after Tuesday night's performance show, but American Idol viewers had a different idea about Siobhan Magnus:

They actually voted out this eccentric singer yesterday, cutting season nine down to five finalists.

While it's true Magnus could rely too much on hitting glory notes, and certainly talked back too much to the judges, at least she brought something unique to the Idol table. With the exception of Crystal Bowersox, can that really be said about anyone remaining?

Goodbye, Siobhan

Equally as surprising as Siobhan's elimination? She was joined in the bottom three by Casey James and Michael Lynche. We'd love for someone to tell us how Aaron Kelly avoided that fate.

At least Shakira performed last night. She and her hips always make us happy. She was joined on stage bu Rascal Flatts, and Sons of Sylvia also played for viewers. Check them all out below, and bid farewell to Magnus now...


I will tell you how aaron kelly escaped, the idol camp mistakenly put AARON KELLY"S voting phone numbers on SIOBHAN MAGNUS'S A-19 contestant page and sent it all over the internet fia facebook, twitter etc.... That's how, he got HER VOTES. This needs to be looked into, it was voter fraud and idol should not have let anyone go last night, they were aware of it. Sign the petition to get her back:


SO HAPPY SHE IS GONE!!! she was horrible and irritating...she could hardly spit out a full sentence within the span of one
her outfits were seriously challenged
her singing was so affected and peculiar.
she is by far the most irritating person that has been on idol since sanjaya. i think people voted for her just to make a joke of AI the talent this year is lame, it has been getting worse consistently year after year. but this year is the pits. bowersox is great though, and will do well after the show i think...she just has pipes, and anything she sings sounds great. people love her. it just works. was so funny to see that little girl realise that america actually realises she CAN'T sing...and that all that screeching and off pitch wobbly singing wasn't fooling anyone.
she should stick to glass blowing and bad fashion and stay out of the public eye.
she doesn't have star quality at all. SO HAPPY.


I don't watch anymore, I wait until they tell who got the boot on THG. I get angry at their picks and I knew how this was going. They are stacking the deck for Bowersox. They want her to win and that is what will happen. She will also get dropped from the record company for low sales, just like some of the other winners. Nobody cares anymore, not after Adam was runner up. He is TALENT.


Siobhan is one of the best singers. There was something wrong with the voting. Everyone should sign the petition to bring her back. Revolt, take a stand. I will no longer be watching AI. They did this to ADAM last year and they are doing it again to Siobhan.


I think Stacy's onto something.
I was writing down the number for Casey, and thought it flashed something else up on the screen. I was confused enough that I ended up texting my votes, only because I thought I was sure of the texting number.
I would go back and watch a tape of the original show and see if the numbers were correct if I could.
FOX has people that do that, don't they?


Huge mistake america, you screwed up. I think there should be a do over and bring Siobhan back, kick Mike off with his baby waves and air kisses, She can sing twice as good as anyone on that show, I think Simon should be in the bottom 3 and send him home, his remarks are stupid and he is a lousy judge when it comes to talent. One of the only reasons our town watched the show this year as it lacks imagination and showmanship is to see Crystal, Siobhan, Casey sing, Katy was good too, the rest can all go home! IF the show was smart they would bring her back, get rid of mike and Simon with his stupis remarks. Don't think if there is another IDOL next year we will be watching. Again, HUGE mistake. We love you Siobhan! The town of Colonial Beach, VA.


Wow this didn't happen the way I thought, I thought it would be Aaron this week and then Siobhan next week. Her voice drove me crazy so I'm okay with it either way.


After Siobhan's performance, I knew she would be cast off. I didn't mind it, but I knew there would be a large majority out there that didn't like her rendition of the song. Hopefully the last two remaining are Crystal and Lee, the two most talented out of the remaining five.


you wanna know how aaron avoided that fate? maybe it was the fact that his number was listed under siobhan magnus' name so all those votes that should have gone to her were going to him! do the right thing, idol, and bring her back; and this time list the right number!!!


Sounds like Screech, Sound like having a baby, I don't understand you, we've not connected finally pushed the main stage performer out of the competition. Siobhan over did this, over did that, too loud, too soft. All she did was entertain. American Idol will miss her and the show from now on is just "falling action."

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