American Idol Shocker: Goodbye, Siobhan Magnus

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We ranked her second after Tuesday night's performance show, but American Idol viewers had a different idea about Siobhan Magnus:

They actually voted out this eccentric singer yesterday, cutting season nine down to five finalists.

While it's true Magnus could rely too much on hitting glory notes, and certainly talked back too much to the judges, at least she brought something unique to the Idol table. With the exception of Crystal Bowersox, can that really be said about anyone remaining?

Goodbye, Siobhan

Equally as surprising as Siobhan's elimination? She was joined in the bottom three by Casey James and Michael Lynche. We'd love for someone to tell us how Aaron Kelly avoided that fate.

At least Shakira performed last night. She and her hips always make us happy. She was joined on stage bu Rascal Flatts, and Sons of Sylvia also played for viewers. Check them all out below, and bid farewell to Magnus now...


Siobhan was NOT a great singer at all. She was not consistant and sounded like a bad lounge singer, and was snotty to the judges. Glad she is gone!! There is NO ONE that excites on Idol now... Adam Lambert broke the mold and now everyone just looks boring after Adam!! He was so electrifying, charismatic,Unique, exciting and mind blowing talented, in addition to be walking talking SEXXXY. No One can go Toe to Toe with Adam, so everyone will forever be compared to him. The show is over!!
Even the judges are Bored out of their minds and frustrated this year!


i think this year's contestants are all great. we each have our own little preferences but they're all good. i think Sioban has a terrific voice and she's different. i don't like bowersox. she's not black so why does she wear the dred locks? it just looks frizzy. she seems so low-class, not pretty at all and reminds me of someone you'd see in a dive. don't like big fat mike but he has a great voice too. don't like dewyse because he seems so needy and insecure but also has a great voice, not as strong as Sioban. don't like casey at all. looks like a dumb cowboy, not good looking at all, and i love cowboys! why do they think he's so cute? Aaron is very young and not so appealing but has a great voice! who would i vote for? crystal, aaron, michael, lee, or casey? well, my vote is for Aaron. can't stand the rest of them. would have wanted Siobahn to win. now i really don't care. reminds me of that elvis look alike a while back. how did he ever win?


I don't like Bowersox, she is a stereotype singer. She doesn't bring anything new to the mix. I find her quite boring.


Well I don't agree with Iola's review, but so what, we all see and hear different things. I get a lot of info from reading the bloggers comments. I loved Siobhan's performances.There's talk of "rigged" and 'phoney' and 'shams' in steering the course of who gets booted and who stays. Well it's "Idols" show.We don't know, we can only have trust and get our entertainment value from the show. I'm going to the tour to see Siobhan (and the others I guess).....Rbob


So sad to see Siobahn go --ok she needs a voice coach to train her with the high notes. Loved her! Sourbox is overrated -- she looks like a bag lady who sings at the train station for nickles. Don't know why the judges are favoring her --she's so arrogant, unfriendly, ugh! Can't believe she complained when the judges criticized her -- "Bigger isn't always better!" Shut up and take the critique, Smellysox! She's worried now and playing the diabetes card for the sympathy vote. HOw pathetic.


How unethical are Aaron Kelly's parents for allowing him to profit from votes intended for Siobhan? By not bringing Siobhan back, American Idol is condoning stealing votes and contributing to the moral corruption of a person under the age of 18, Aaron. If he was my son, and I had heard about this snafu on Facebook which hurts people on a daily basis anyway, I would have marched into the powers to be's office at Idol and told them, if Siobhan was eliminated, obviously because of the erroneous number, then we would walk to because I could not have my child profit at someone else's expense. But the Kellys care more about dollar signs than doing what is right. And evidently so does American Idol.


sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad she's gone :-(


NOOOOOO NOT SIOBHAN MAGNUS boooo hoooo wah haven't seen show yet but will see 2day and 2morrow sitting India


Wow Terri, your fucking stupid. I bet your the type of person who cant stand constructive critisism cuz you think your perfect and that "you couldnt possibly have anything wrong with you" and might would rather sugar coat everything instead of hearing the truth. And ya Simon is old, but i bet your fat. You need to take the perverbial cock called stupidity out of your mouth and quit blowing your stupidity into peoples heads ya dig?


siobhan should not have been voted off. simon had no right to say 'you sounded like u were giving birth up there'. he never would have said that to a guy. it was very degrading. i hate simon and do not know why any one thinks that by saying nasty things makes him a good judge. good riddance to him and bring on adam as his replacement..simon you r OLD...

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