American Idol Shocker: Goodbye, Siobhan Magnus

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We ranked her second after Tuesday night's performance show, but American Idol viewers had a different idea about Siobhan Magnus:

They actually voted out this eccentric singer yesterday, cutting season nine down to five finalists.

While it's true Magnus could rely too much on hitting glory notes, and certainly talked back too much to the judges, at least she brought something unique to the Idol table. With the exception of Crystal Bowersox, can that really be said about anyone remaining?

Goodbye, Siobhan

Equally as surprising as Siobhan's elimination? She was joined in the bottom three by Casey James and Michael Lynche. We'd love for someone to tell us how Aaron Kelly avoided that fate.

At least Shakira performed last night. She and her hips always make us happy. She was joined on stage bu Rascal Flatts, and Sons of Sylvia also played for viewers. Check them all out below, and bid farewell to Magnus now...


fck,.... u all hu voted her out.
sioban i luv u,.... keep singing tos insane notes


I just loved Siobhan. She will do really well out there in the commercial world. She has what it takes to be a Pro singer.
I am not at all keen on Crystal, and find her music quite boring.
Lee to WIN now.


Siobhan was always the stand out performer for me she is weird and wonderful and a genuine soul and in my opinion is born to sing I just hope she can or does write her own songs then we would hear something really special,I think the scream note on the Shania song was her undoing cause up until then she looked and sounded awesome but there was an aire of predictability about the inevitable scream note in the final part of the song and I think her supporters thought you just cant keep doing that real shame ...or maybe a blessing I predict we will Siobhan Magnus's name headlining in the future and it will be a very memorable evening, she is truly mesmorising I'll be there !


Correction from my last comment: should be:
"Without Siobhan on the show, it's almost a snoozefest."
Anyway, it's true so it's worth repoeating.
Wishing Siobhan all the success in the world, she deserves it. She was robbed of the tiltle.


With Siobhan on the show it's almost a snoozefest; one not worth watching.
I can't believe she had the least amount of votes last week after never being in the bottom 3.
She was the heart of the show this season with more talent in her little toe than all the rest have in their whole bodies.
Simon's comments to her were disgusting planting seeds to get her off of the show. I'll never watch whatever show he brings on TV. Season 9 ended for me last week.


I am so glad that Siobhan is finally gone. That girl cannot sing and her voice is irritating and annoying. I don't know who told her that she should be on AI and cannot believe she made it into the Top 12! Something about her rubs me the wrong way. I think it's that she screams way too much, her voice is just plain weird, and she looks like a rat or a rabbit! To me, she was the Kate Gosselin of AI. Thrilled that her 15 minutes are up. Now she can go back to glass blowing or whatever else she does!


This is not the responsability of AI or anyone else other than the FAN that posted the wrong numbers.Why should AI do anything at all,this was not their site.Others that had to work that night simply went to the AI site from their cell phones and got the right numbers.Why in the hell would you trust facebook when it comes to such an important vote.I am glad she is gone,my ears were ready to explode from the screams and she butchered the Shania song.


Of course Idol's FIXED. Sad, but true. It's a money obsessed outfit. They think it's time for a joplin-wanna-be's ... bring in the Baby Boomers--get their Pensions and Social Security checks ... before they all drop dead. Siobhan Magnus, no doubt, was the best on the stage since the beginning. And Idol also let go a lot of better singers (all women), than they let stay (mainly the guys). Not one of them has a "pretty" or "memorable" or "fluid" voice. They appear to be guys with guts, I'll give you that. To get up there and "try to pull it off," like karaoke singers or dudes in the showers, they do have balls. Sorry to say, I will not be wasting any more time on American Idol in the future. Why should I or others even bother? It's FIXED.


Siobhan has been the BEST singer/vocals...EVER. Don'y kid urselves; I have no illusions. Allison Iraheta has been my fav, voice and vocals, and I thought there would likely be no one else soon:I was very wrong. Siobhan does let out some screams, but she mostly SINGS when hitting those loud notes, just as Allison Iraheta did. Adam, all together screamed, screechy and flat-toned, the same all the time, annoying. Responsibly and honestly, Siobhan SHOULD have won this season, AND SHOULD GET A RECORD DEAL. Please. I LOVE YOU, SIOBHAN.


Couldn't believe it was Siobhan that was eliminated. I still don't think it was legitimate. I had Aaron picked to go home. Anyone that's going to be honest would admit Siobhan was the #1 talent there. Smellysox is common...period.

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