American Idol Recap: All Aboard the Shania Twain!

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The Shania Twain pulled into the station this week, and two American Idol finalist sent a message to Crystal Bowersox:

This isn't over yet!

Okay, it probably is. Bowersox didn't hurt her standing as the clear season nine favorite last night, but Siobhan Magnus and Casey James both stood out during country night. We rank the six contestants' performance below:

  1. James: He was asked to mix it up, to do more than just rock out with his guitar, and Casey came through this week. He chose the ballad "Don't!" and really showed off his voice. Easily the best male remaining in the competition.
  2. Magnus: On "Any Man of Mine," Siobhan hit every note and then some. Never lacking for range or repeating the same performance from week-to-week, her originality is probably all that stands in the way of Crystal and the season nine title.
  3. Michael Lynche: Big Mike channeled Luther Vandross for "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing." With all the guys choosing slower songs, Lynche gets the nod over every dude by Casey because he connects so well with the audience.
  4. Bowersox: The judges didn't love her acoustic take on "No One Needs to Know," but let's face it: any performance would have paled compared to "People Get Ready" from last week.
  5. Lee DeWyze: Still could end up in the final pairing, but not if he has to sing any more country songs. Just looked uncomfortable trying to make "You're Still the One" into his own.
  6. Aaron Kelly: This should be an easy choice. We didn't expect Aaron to make it this far, but it's time to send him home.
Singing Shania
Aaron Does Country
The Clear Favorite
A Top Performance
Big Michael Lynche
Attempt at Country

Who was your favorite performer of the night?


Ahhh, Siobhan's performance was "Everest" The Top. But ya know there's a lot of competition in some of the others, it's not an easy climb ya gotta have the will and know how to use the talent. Siobhan has both. Apparently though, 'America'didn't stick with her (or pick-any-number-of-other-views-rumors-allegations-etc) about The Vote that are making the circuit. I'll borrow judge Randy Jackson's quote for one of her performances."She can sing! That girl right there."...Rbob


I thought last nite was awsome. CASEY,AARON,and CRYSTAL I thought rocked and I only WISH MS SHANIA WAS SINGING tonite I MISS hearing her sing.Love Ya gals and guys


i personally thought aaron and siobhan were the highlights. Casey is boring. People really need to stop thinking he is good when he really sucks. His tone is pitchy and he looks uncomfortable. Lee is improving, he has a chance to win. I'm pretty sure if crystal or casey win a of of ppl will stop watching idol. Cause its like having a sylvester salone wannabe or a pathetic crybaby win. I mean come on! She can't take it so creates drama about quitting, when she obviously would never quit. Just wants attention. C n C suck like anything I think aaron lee and siobhan are the best.!!! and THG you don't seem to give orignal ppl their chance, huh? You'll love fakes like bieber and swift but when some ppl go different lets just hate them? well no wonder she wears high heels won a grammy. If these are the lyrics that are winning, i am glad presley and cobain arent here to watch music become this shitty. Still Go Aaron, Lee and siobhan!!!

Avatar about we call her crystal dirtysox from now on...did you hear ryan's reference to how white shania's teeth are, when he was talking to crystal....think he was giving a hint, or what!! lol


I didn't watch last night. I saw about 5 minutes when Mike came on and turned it. It is boring, now.


Snore!!!! This season's lineup is about as boring and typical as a high school choir singing Christmas songs. PS - Has anyone seen Kelly Clarkson lately? Looks like success has really gone to her buttocks.


casey definetly showed everyone why he was there, he is definetly going to be around for a while....siobhan, well...everyone knew she had a big voice, she just has a hard time owning it and making the right song choice. Her voice was far beyond anything crystal has ever done, range-wise and control-wise....her quirkiness isn't as relatable as crystal's dirty-girl approach, but her voice flies far above crystal's....Lee pretty much sucked. His vocals make me is like he spent an all nighter, smoking & drinking...then smoking some more. Mike was so forgettable, I almost forgot to comment on him...yawn. Aaron shouldn't even be there, at all....poor kid.


I don't watch American Idol now that DWTS is on. So I could careless who goes home tonight. I did watch in the beginning and thought Crystal was the best.


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