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Unfortunately, the idol producer knows what he's talking about. Just in my circle of friends and family, after the AMA's, I am now the only person that is looking forward to Adam's appearance tonight. I too was offended by his performance on AMA's, but hoping he doesn't get so carried away again. There were 27 of us that couldn't wait to watch idol last year because of Adam, went to see only him on idol tour, and now I am the lone Adam fan. This sampling proves that on a bigger scale, he lost a large number of followers. Hoping, as the AI producer, this amazing talent can redeem himself.


What is Warwick talking about? Adam's album has only been out since December (4 months ago). Since then:

For Your Entertainment Album
US - Gold: January 2010
Canada - Gold: January 2010, Platinum: March 2010
Singapore - Gold: March 2010
New Zealand - Gold: March 2010

Whataya Want From Me Single:
US - Gold: February 2010 and nearing Platinum
Canada - Double Platinum: March 2010

For Your Entertainment Single
Canada - Platinum: March 2010
New Zealand - Gold: March 2010


HAHA!! Ive been waiting for some neg press,he is doing too good right now... well this really does not count.

honestly guys just watch the show, They will show what he has been doing for the past month. It been going pretty well. I guess Warwick, wanted him to be like Micheal Jackson supernova or something.

1. homophobia
2. Not the typical middle of the road performer, which is why I even noticed the guy.
3. he is doing better that the guy that won idol.
4. His time will come within reason.


@Pam Raymond: Who are you addressing that to? It was the Idol producer who brought up the AMAs and talked about Adam's faltering career.



there you are, haven't seen you for a while.Knew you could not stay away from the awesome that is Lambert.


Not sure what rock you have been under...but there is nothing derailing Adam Lambert's career...he is hotter then ever and will surely achieve all the success and more that is in front of him. He is an incredible talent, and it is genuine...you got that part right. Really? We still need to talk about the AMA's. That is so yesterday's news. He has a huge following in Asia and Europe and his upcoming European tour will only bolster his sales abroad and here. His small concert venues are sellouts in minutes and he will surely fill larger venues this summer. I haven't seen anything like this kind of following since Michael Jackson or the Beatles...it is borderline hysteria wherever he goes. Adam doesn't need Idol to boost his ratings...they need him!!


He means...."hopefully, we can start cashing in in this huge investment.....where are all those fans & why aren't they buying his music???"

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