American Idol Producer: Adam Lambert Should Be a Major Star!

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With the talent level low and the contestants so similar, this season of American Idol has been considered a bore by most viewers. Ratings certainly reflect a drop in interest.

For that reason, producers are praying Adam Lambert will deliver a much-needed dose of excitement tonight, as he plays mentor to the remaining finalists.

But Ken Warwick tells Entertainment Weekly that he's also counting on the reverse coming true: he hopes the Lambert's appearance on the show will resurrect this singer's sidetracked career.

"The guy is an incredible talent, and he had an incredible following. And it kind of upsets me that at the moment he’s not doing quite as well," the executive producer said. "I don’t know what possessed him to do what he did at the AMAs, but he’s still struggling to live it down.

"Hopefully... we can start putting him back firmly where he belongs, as a major star. Because the guy is an incredible talent. He genuinely is. And it kind of breaks my heart to see someone with that much talent struggle a bit. So hopefully we can do back for him as he can do for us."

Adam Lambert returns to the stage that made him famous this week.

Aside from mentoring tonight, Lambert will return to the American Idol stage tomorrow.

From there, it's off to the GLAAD awards Saturday evening for another performance. Wrote Adam, regarding the event:

"GLAAD has advocated for out music artists, including myself, and I am proud to be part of the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards this year. GLAAD's work to share stories that grow acceptance and understanding about the gay and transgender community is so important in our culture today."

Will tune in to watch Lambert on Idol this week?


whatever..... Adam Lambert Remixes EP
It's #9 on Pop Chart and #28 on all albums chart itunes. in a little over 8 hrs. actually the remixes are hella good. no sh@t.


Can't wait for tonight and tomorrow night just to see Adam!!! I have not seen not one episode of AI this season because, to me, Adam was the ULTIMATE IDOL. It's hard to compare anyone else to him. He's got a hugh following and even though he's having a little bit of a hard time because of his AMA performance, his TRUE fans will stick by him no matter what because of his great talent. He's already a hugh star and he'll be an even bigger star as time goes on. LOVE THE ADAM!!!


@for_real_tho 19E hasn't put in any more of an investment on Adam then any other client. Most of Adam's huge amount of press has been free, because Adam is such a provocative figure people want to see and hear about him. Adam's tour around the world was very low budget. I don't see his management spending huge amounts of money on him. Haters want to hate so they come up with imaginary statistics :)


@Hilton Hater I didn't see anywhere Ken Warwick saying Adam's "career was faltering" bad choice of words on your part. I think he recognizes as does Adam, that a portion of the "American Idol" audience was put off by the AMA performance and they are hoping they can remind those people why they loved Adam. Adam is doing very well, considering he is an out gay man from a tv show a lot of people look down on in a very conservative country. He should be doing even better, considering his outstanding talent and ability to put on a impressive live performance. I strongly believe when people hear about his live shows his following will grow massively.


I don't see that Adam is still struggling to overcome the AMA thing, since then he has appeared on many major talk shows, including Ellen and Oprah, made many,many appearances, album has gone gold in USA, platinum in other countries who are a little less conservative, and on and on, he has stayed very much in the limelight and in demand...all artists should stuggle like that, can't wait to see him on Idol, I am sure he will be able to help the current contestants find their individuality.


for real tho.... you are so out to lunch, look at the numbers, you should be asking where are all the millions of fans that the winner had and how come he tanked worse than any Idol of all seasons.... Adams fans are there, look at the gold and platinum numbers, we can sure see where you are coming from.


Idol NEEDS Adam to add some interest to the show -- he's doing just fine and is MORE than qualified to mentor on vocals. I think the expectations of him were so ridiculously high after idol. He's doing really well for a new artist and he has SOOO much more to offer. He will be around a long time to come. He's so different, edgy and talented. He's just getting started & I believe we will be hearing some amazing music from him. It will get better & better. I've seen him perform live...he IS the whole package. Rock on Adam!


As I said in my comments on the original EW article, I think there are some AI fans who are "struggling" with who Adam really is. Most of us more rabid fans went and saw some of Adam's pre-Idol performances. We know what an "out-of-the-box" performer he is and love him all the more for it. Those who only saw Adam on AI, saw a man on his best behavior who was sweet and polite, good looking and sang the f**k out of cover tunes. Like most celebrities and sport's figures, Adam will make some missteps. Please forgive him for the AMAs and see how he does with mentoring. AI could have just had him on to perform. That's all his fans expected. The PTB at Idol know what they have on their hands. Adam is an awesome performer who is willing to share his experience and extensive knowledge, of which I'm not going to list here.


hey linda, I see what you are saying, but I did not even notice him till after all of the AMAs. 300 million people in the USA and only about 25 million watch idol. My thing was, despite that, I was very surprised by how well he was doing regardless. I mean I expected way worse. And that he was still was making it, and doing better than the winner made me sit up and notice. so I guess it was a two way street


Hey Pam Raymond, by any chance are you a Sayvillian too? Yes, Ditto with all positive said. Talent like we haven't seen for a while, a perfect career, what is that? I think he is doing an amazing job his first year in the spotlight. Although the album got mixed reviews, the good ones were great and the ones that weren't were not bad just a bit scattered about overproduction which is has nothing to do with his voice. The incredible talent that Adam possesses cannot be matched by any vocalist in the industry right now, coupled with natural stage presence that only makes him that much greater!! He is loved personally (offstage & on) where ever he goes by not only the celebrity world but fans here & overseas…READ, the stories are everywhere. I think he is handling fame well and was so meant for this and am so happy to see a hard working artist skyrocket as he did!!!!

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