American Idol Producer: Adam Lambert Should Be a Major Star!

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With the talent level low and the contestants so similar, this season of American Idol has been considered a bore by most viewers. Ratings certainly reflect a drop in interest.

For that reason, producers are praying Adam Lambert will deliver a much-needed dose of excitement tonight, as he plays mentor to the remaining finalists.

But Ken Warwick tells Entertainment Weekly that he's also counting on the reverse coming true: he hopes the Lambert's appearance on the show will resurrect this singer's sidetracked career.

"The guy is an incredible talent, and he had an incredible following. And it kind of upsets me that at the moment he’s not doing quite as well," the executive producer said. "I don’t know what possessed him to do what he did at the AMAs, but he’s still struggling to live it down.

"Hopefully... we can start putting him back firmly where he belongs, as a major star. Because the guy is an incredible talent. He genuinely is. And it kind of breaks my heart to see someone with that much talent struggle a bit. So hopefully we can do back for him as he can do for us."

Adam Lambert returns to the stage that made him famous this week.

Aside from mentoring tonight, Lambert will return to the American Idol stage tomorrow.

From there, it's off to the GLAAD awards Saturday evening for another performance. Wrote Adam, regarding the event:

"GLAAD has advocated for out music artists, including myself, and I am proud to be part of the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards this year. GLAAD's work to share stories that grow acceptance and understanding about the gay and transgender community is so important in our culture today."

Will tune in to watch Lambert on Idol this week?


Just a really dumb article. He is a major star!


I love adam!i am 58 and love his music. he has some strong pipes. Idol is boring this year after Adam last year.
Iplay his cd every day and will buy the next one.he made a mistake at the music awards but no body is perfect ... if Lady Gaga had done what he did. on AMA it would have been perfectly acceptable.


whatever..... update.
Adam Lambert Remixes EP is now #8 on pop chart and #24 on all albums chart in USA, and #2 on pop chart and #15 on all albums chart in Canada. in a little over *8* hrs. actually the remixes are hella good. no sh@t. truly. brad walsh is d shizzz. they did not even expect it to chart, fact: most remixes, do not chart,
my girl gaga is the one usually holding it down. ..... I mean selling double than the winner and all ..dammit he is such a failure ha. I gotta get ready for idol peeps tata!


You bet I will be watching Idol if Adam is there to mentor tonight and sing tomorrow.
people stayed away because there is no Idol on this years show and simply no excitement.
Plus there is a trainwreck to watch on dancing with the stars. LOL
I didn't like his AMS's performance , but there is more to Adam that that one performance. Time to forgive folks, he is an incredible talent.


@ sarah....apparently you only look at glambert related posts....get over your obsession...& stop making excuses as to why his rise is waivering, (ie,. blaming it on "homophobia", saying he does better than other people, it really does nothing for his music.....Also, some idiot said that his exec's haven't invested in him & he hasn't been promoting his music, well, you really need to crawl out from under that ignorant rock & take this guy off of that ridiculous pedestool....


Sales are double to Kris, proving who the real winner was. Like Clay outsold Ruben, and like Daughtry outsold Taylor, the sales reflect the true winner and Idols is just righting a wrong, when the public made a mistake by letting homophobia get in the way of judging talent


Don't understand why an executive from AI would even bring this up. It is OLD news and having Adam on the show will help ratings. Yes, it will be a WIN-WIN for all, including Adam. I do NOT think Adam is struggling. I will admit he may have had a set-back after the AMA, but then again I think the people who fell from the Adam tree needed to because Adam is not for everyone - and better they find out early. So I personally think that for the long run the AMA fallout was a good thing, and actually gave him exposure and street cred to many in the US and lots of people outside of the the US who otherwise would have never heard of him. He is doing well in the US and fantastic so far internationally. He is a rising Super Star with the vocal talent and showmanship to back it up!


Producer said Lambert should be a star. What he doesn't say is the reason-because TPTB dumped alot of cash to make it so. The guys's been around for ten years-if he had "it" he would have been a star years ago. Problems is his mouth gets in the way-he's his own worse enemy.


adam is probably the best singer/performer i've ever seen in my life!!!!i just love his voice nd his album is crazy good, so different from the kind of music that's out there these days.i haven't seen him on idol but when i saw whataya want from me i immediately fell in luv with him!!as for him being gay,well with kind of talent who cares what he is i mean i'm an arab nd homosexuality is the biggest taboo in my society but i don't care i'll keep being his fan as long as ha keeps making great music. ROCK ON ADAM


AMA only impact him in US. As a matter of fact, AMA made the world notice him. Otherwise, country like UK, OZ and other European country won't waste time paying attention on american idol runner up. they don't watch the show normally. I don't understand what's the big deal of AMA. Seriously, we had seen this kind of performance on man-woman all the time. And, no one was naked. Personally, I am glad Adam did that on AMA that showed him the guts of the international super star, like MJ, Mandan or even current lady GaGa" Telephone". That is what super star do. Shocking people. Adam is far too good to be just American idol. I am glad he didn't win the title that wan't enough for him. Anyway, Adam is iconic. If US can't have him, the world stage is ready for him.

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