American Idol Performance of the Week: Tim Urban (?!?)

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Granted, Casey James probably put on the best performance on last night's edition of American Idol.

And Crystal Bowersox pulled out a didgeridoo! (It's a wind instrument. Look it up.)

But we're awarding this week's Idol Performance of the Week to the smiley Tim Urban. For what reason? Because he'll likely advance to the top eight, and this time it won't be due to his positive attitude or good looks.

Urban actually impressed judges and wowed viewers with his rendition of "All My Loving" last night. See what we mean below:


Hey u fools out there...... TIM sucks. other than his good looks & a pasted on smiley face... he has NO real talent to be a AI winner. his voice is ok, but JUST that. so are u folks all tone deaf, an idiot as to a real talent or just a bunch of tweens voting on how good looking he is? he is a far cry from a deserving winner like David Cook. or even of Adam of last year... who had/has ALOT of talent. all Tim is doing is making a mockery of what AI used to stand for... REAL TALENT.he needs to go home NOW or just eliminate himself from the show. that would be a respectable thing to do if he truly is such a good christian boy. this whole thing is just a fun game to him & its not fair to some of the others who ARE talented.


I love Tim Urban!!!!


nice link...lolol....BTW the video is messed up.....


I'm an avid fan of Tim Urban. Being the next American Idol, Tim Urban will definitely make America a warm and happy global example of making it to the top despite the rough sailing. First, making it to the safe seat this week will make me extremely happy, and the whole Philippines, I suppose. Tim entertains us in a very special way compared to all the rest. America loves him and so do I!

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