Adam Lambert to American Idol Producer: No Struggles Here!

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Awhile back, we got into a tiff with Adam Lambert fans because we told them to "chill out."

We argued that their over-the-top support of this singer, their rush to defend him at all times, was condescending and sometimes unnecessary. Adam is a big boy, we reasoned, he can take care of himself when the time calls for it.

Very recent case in point: after American Idol producer Ken Warwick said he hopes Lambert's appearance on the show this week helps the singer's "struggling" career, Adam replied on his own.

While acknowledging how "sweet" this sentiment is, Adam told Entertainment Weekly: “I don’t feel like I’m struggling at all. I think things are right where they need to be. My single ‘What Do You Want From Me,’ is just breaking into the Top 10 right now.”

It's true. The song, which Adam will perform live tonight on Idol, is currently at number-13 on Billboard’s Pop chart, and number-23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What did Adam think of his experience as a mentor?

“I’m really glad that they had me on the show,” he said. “I really enjoyed helping the other contestants... It was a trip being out there. My mom was sitting next to me tonight, and she was like, ‘This is what it used to be like for us! We used to sit here and we got so nervous and we’d be chewing our gum really hard and we’d be going Oh god, I hope he does a good job!‘”

Below, watch a clip of Lambert giving advice to Lee DeWyze... who  proceeded to perform what many considered to be the top rendition of the night.




y do u have 2 be gay? ur so bloomin cute!


Adam is an ARTIST in every sense. Let's face it - he would have won if the producers had not been 'afraid' of the reaction of uptight middle America to having an openly GAY contestant win Idol. They chose the safe (and boring) option of Kris Allen. Adam is breaking the UK already - faster than Kelly Clarkson ever did. Go Adam! x


Adam has amazing talent, but unfortunately the music industry today doesn't really require that, or recognize it. I think that like Lady Gaga, he will need a few big radio hits to explode. And he must be a little amazed to hear somebody say he's "struggling" now after the ten years he's spent trying to make it, with his mom sending him grocery store gift cards, etc.


Hey Sparkle Cows. (i'ma diff breed of adam stan, lol) THG ilu


Adam is always gracious and keeps on saying that he owes Idol everything. Why can't the AI producer Ken Warwick be as gracious as Adam? Adam was the one who drew in the viewers during the AI Season 8 and was the main draw of the AI concerts last summer. Also, he did an absolutely excellent job in mentoring this season's contestants and gave one of the best Idol performances ever last night. AI owes Adam big time!


Hi, sparkle cows.


I haven't directly read the comments made by that producer, but if he said that Adam's career was struggling it was another obvious attempt to drum up ratings for the show. Adam Lambert has been trending on twitter since last night. He has so many fans who love him its just incredible. the only reason I'm here commenting right now is because I'm in 'Twitter Jail' fom tweeting to much trying to trend Adam Lambert. Also I have 19 minutes before 'American Idol' is on, and the only reason I'm watching is to see Adam, not that lame producer. That producer could be fired today and not too many people would know, or care. If Adam is prevented from performing tonight millions would not only care, we would be PISSED! I would be so angry that I would never watch the show again (unless Adam is on of course). I bet Idol had their highest ratings of the season last night because of Adam. I t certainly wasn't because I wanted to see that producer, whatever his name.


Warwick's comment should have be followed by "bless his heart". I hope Adam's perfomance helps Idol's ratings.


The comment that producer made; just made himself look bad. No one needs to be on the defense here. Let it go...... Adam has come a long way since the AMA"s. However let's keep in mind that he was the Idols "golden boy" and in that guys eyes Adam let him down. Forgive; forget and move on now. He was so fabulous at being a mentor because on his honesty and kindess. For me it was a chance for those out there who don't follow him as fearsly as myself and his fanbase to revisit him and maybe see what they are missing. People have a tendency to jump on the band wagon when they are made to feel uncomfortable. Even Adam felt bad if that is how people felt after that. For those of us who moved on it is old news ;but so many that is the last thing they remember. Now maybe just maybe they will see this wonderful gift God has sent us in not only the world of music but entertainment as well. Go Adam Go

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