Adam Lambert Goes Platinum

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Take note, Adam Lambert haters: you can't keep this singer down!

The former American Idol finalist has been criss-crossing Europe all week, promoting his debut CD there - and it's paying off big time

According to the latest charts, “Whataya Want From Me” is number-one in Germany this week, while the single also just went platinum in America. Tweeted Adam in response:

“Thank you so much for supporting me! I feel so f—-n lucky!"

Listen to Adam Lambert's bonus track now and sound off: What do you think of it?

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saya hanya ingin mengucapkankan tahniah atas kerja keras awak selama ini di dalam industri muzik...dan jagalah maruah diri serta keluarga...jadi seorang lelaki yang baik serta jangan cuba berkawan dengan orang yang hanya merosakkan fikiran anda...berkenalan boleh tapi janganlah terlalu rapat...lagi satu,jangan lupa pada tuhan kerana dia yang mengizinkan segala kejayaan anda


Things keep getting better for Adam! So happy that his hard work is paying off. Looks like Hollywood Gossip has one resident troll who comments on everything Adam. I am not sure if that is funny or just sad. Either way, it doesn't change Adam's success!


WTG Adam!! It's a great song and a great CD. The CD has something for everyone. He is burning up the charts internationally too! He has been top 10 in 10 countries and is currently top ten in 7. He is the only idol ever to do that. His CD has gone gold and it getting closer to the platinum. It's already platinum in Canada. His CD has received stellar reviews. Love this guy!!


wtf is it with all the "haters" talk...just because someone doesnt' like an artist's music does not mean they hate that artist....hate is a strong word, it is crazy talk....get a grip people...


I'm so proud, I watched him from Ring of Fire, totally mesmerized and looking forward to what he was going to pull out of the hat next.....and I still am!~Each new performance I see he ups the ante. You can tell he loves what he does. Boy, he is amazing~


YOU GO BOY!!!!! A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley


I know there are haters out there and I don't understand how anyone could hate Adam. He is a real superstar with real talent, and it has been so long since anyone has had his kind of talent. I understand what some of the haters are saying, but he's young and he's singing within the now pop genre. I agree that some of the songs aren't that great, but he is. That's what's current and selling, and I love his voice. Congratulations, Adam!


I think Adam cares little about the haters, as we all should. He's making millions of dollars, is a worldwide success and has many devoted fans. I'd say he has no reason to think twice about his critics. Besides, he's being lauded as the biggest thing to come into the music industry in a very long time. Great job Adam, we love you!


Guys, just ignore the haters, there is no point even acknowledging they exist! All they want is attention and the more you give it to them the more hate they will spew!!! They are just some people of are in need of some serious therapy!


Congratulations!1 ADAM!! Way to go ... job well done!! All your hard work & perseverence is paying off!! As a well established star once wisely advised you .. "Keep your eye on the prize ... don't be side tracked by all the BS"!! You keep making the GEMS & we'll keep buying them until they all turn GOLD or PLATINUM!! ONWARD & UPWARD!!