Adam Lambert Goes Platinum

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Take note, Adam Lambert haters: you can't keep this singer down!

The former American Idol finalist has been criss-crossing Europe all week, promoting his debut CD there - and it's paying off big time

According to the latest charts, “Whataya Want From Me” is number-one in Germany this week, while the single also just went platinum in America. Tweeted Adam in response:

“Thank you so much for supporting me! I feel so f—-n lucky!"

Listen to Adam Lambert's bonus track now and sound off: What do you think of it?


i expected it


Dat's Amazing
so thrilled


Adam Lambert deserves the best things life can offer. He has earned a place in our hearts and in music. Keep it up Adam and keep your feet on the ground baby. We love you very much!!!


Proud of you Adam. Keep it real.


Rock on Adam!! I'm happy for you!!! You deserve these laurels for all your hard work and talent and planning and focus!!!!


From his first performance on AI to now, Adam is the consummate professional with perhaps the greatest singing voice and range of any current singer. I was transfixed listening and watching him last year on AI and told my husband, "he is someone to watch - the coming of the next Elvis - he will be THAT big". Adam - KUDOS and Good Luck with your phenomenal career!


@ helen....are you saying that He is American idol??? or that American Idol is not floundering in a puddle to survive? Or do you think I do not have a right to say what I feel about his album? I read many posts by people that usually don't post anything except on Glambert articles. I don't limit my commetns to lambert, nor do I "research" my comments, I simply say what I feel & it is not simply do not agree and are infused with some crazy maniacle hate for anyone that doesn't support your "idol"....that is just crazy, get over it...he is human and on the celeb stage, he is there for all critiques...not just those of obsessed fans...


i'm so happy 4 adam !!!!! adam u are king!!!!!


adam, anda memang terbaik. terbaik dari ladang. teruskan usaha dan kekalkan reputasi anda. thank you very good . khabar dari malaysia penuh dengan penuh kasih sayang :)


@holyofislam - what did you say? A little English translation would be good!!


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