Adam Lambert Goes G-A-Y

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This just in: Adam Lambert has gone G-A-Y!

No, the singer hasn't somehow come out of the closet again.

Instead, he took the stage on Saturday night at London's G-A-Y night club, as Adam is spending a few weeks in Europe promoting his debut CD before returning to the States and going on tour.

Gone G-A-Y

Click on the pictures above to enlarge photos of Adam Lambert in all his Glambertness.

With a packed, screaming house cheering him on, Lambert performed a six-song set at the establishment. He sung hits such as “Fever, "Strut,” “Whataya Want From Me," and For Your Entertainment."

Prior to the concert, he Tweeted: “London is so beautiful today!!! The sun is shining and I’m looking forward to my show tonight!!!”

The former American Idol runner-up didn't disappoint. A fan captured one of his renditions on iPhone and you can view that snippet below. You can also view a handful of performances in our Adam Lambert video section. Visit it now!


Can't believe "for_real_tho" is once again all over an article about Adam Lambert, his obsession, making multiple negative comments. Seems you are the one who is psycho about it, needing to make disparaging comments on every article about Adam. Why bother to come here if you don't like him? Why don't you search out some articles about someone you do like ? That would be a healthier approach.


Adam is a beautiful man, a brilliant artist and exciting entertainer. And he is so real and down to earth when you listen to him in interviews. What and inspiration!


This guy is perfection in every sense of the word!!! For_real_tho, can't you find a better way to spend your time? Like maybe you could find something "real" to do?


Priscila, I love you


lol @firecracker's stupid comment....i listened to all i could stand to...once, that was more than enough to relize how much it sucked....sorry, not everyont is going to love this guy, get over it, and don't get all psycho about it...geez


What I like so much about Lambert (and there is a lot to choose from) is that vocally and performance-wise he does not disappoint, he always delivers. I happen to dig his music, but even if you don't, he always delivers vocally... and there are so many stunning acoustic and live performances out there where he's killing it that it's hard to not find something likeable about the guy! On the videos from G-A-Y where there is decent quality, his vocals are outstanding once again. At the moment, I'm personally lovin' his rendition of "Fever" from the GLAAD Media Awards a week or so back - check out Glaadmedia's official footage of the performance - my favorite live VOCAL performance of "Fever" to date - so hot!


@for_real_tho maybe you should actually listen to the album before passing judgement. From your inane comment, it's safe to assume you haven't (or that you need to get your ears checked). Another amazing night of performances from Adam! Especially Strut!


I love him - you do you, Adam!


He looks gorgeous!


hmmm...Erasure anyone...nope, while he may be prettier, he doesn't compare & it is 2010, not 1990

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