Adam Lambert: GLAAD To Be Here!

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Looking forward to the GLAAD awards tonight! I may just have to swish it up a bit.
- Adam Lambert Tweet, early Saturday afternoon

Did the singer successfully "swish it up" at this event last night? Check out the photos below and you tell us, fans.

Lambert was the main attraction on the red carpet of the awards, and later on stage, where he rocked out with renditions of "Fever" and "Music Again." We can't find a video of the performances, so please send them in if you've come across any!

Performing Star
On Stage, Being Awesome
GLADD Media Awards Performance
In Large Shades
At the GLAAD Media Awards
Adam, Posing
Big Shades

[Photos: Splash News;]

Click on the pictures above to enlarge each one, and check out the video below to see what Adam had to say on the red carpet.


Ellen - You are seriously mis-informed. Adam is the total opposite of "mean and nasty". He is the sweetest person imaginable. He merely said, when asked, that he didn't care for SuBo's album. He said he admired her as a person and wished her well. Adam was horribly misquoted by a British tabloid writer in order to get website hits. Other journalists picked up the lies and propagated them through the media. Very unfortunate how that operates. Adam is a kind and caring person who wouldn't hurt a fly. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. You will see when you learn more about him. Watch some of his interviews on YouTube to better assess his character.


This guy is scum. No issue with sexuality...he's just mean and nasty. Ask Susan Boyle. He needs to go.


Adam is AMAZING! Here is Fever in its entirety:




Found this video on youtube - Cuts out near the end of "Fever" though - still ADAMAZING!!!


good-looking also and can be very handsome if u're a little bit thin...thank u........


one more thing...u're voice is very wonderful ,powerful and strong that i'd heard in my life...and...u are gentle,honestly person...that's all i want 2 say......


i write this comment here is not mean i want 2 humiliate or insult u're life style...but..its time 2 u need change u're life style 2 more better n better...if u do like that,i'll be sure u'll be get more fan n people will compliment 2 u...i hope n i will pray 4 u so that u can find a truth way of u're life...indeed,Allah is most noble and all-merciful 2 all its creature...i want u 2 u read my each syllable with a open heart n look as positive sight...i just want u think n think about my words...thank u.....


i'm u're fan adam....i love everything about u ,but one more thing that i don't like about u since i know u are gay,u're life is bad,had making out with female although you're gay person and....u can ask yourself.not only me but others 2 n also u're fan!i want 2 ask u Adam, what u get from establish a relationship with male...that you'll get blessing from god?that u're relegion not teach u about prohibition to establish a relationship with same sexuality...?what u get,Adam...?the answer is"u got nothing"...that u ever think that relationship is not beneficial n just wast u're life time...thik about it...


GLAAD is supposed to be having vids available on their youtube site later today.

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