Adam Lambert Brings Lasers to American Idol Results Show

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Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were both eliminated from American Idol last night.

This wasn't a shocking result, but it was a sad one, as both contestants shed tears during the episode-concluding montage of their time on the show. We wish Andrew and Katie the best of luck.

On a more positive note, Adam Lambert performed his latest single ("Whataya Want From Me") about 45 minutes into the hour.

Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens

Donning a colorful suit, skinny tie and, of course, a bit of guy-liner, last year's runner-up put on an emotional rendition of the single - and used lasers on stage.

"I wanted to do something a little different," Adam said to Ryan Seacrest afterwards, later giving thanks to the show: "I owe American Idol everything."

Humble and incredibly talented? That's the Adam Lambert we know and love...


Loved Adam Lambert's performance... but for anyone who didn't - they'll be a new and different one right around the corner, and maybe that will be to your taste... that's the thing about Lambert - constantly changing it up. He's very good at what he does, and I'm diggin' his music and diggin' the ride.


I have been watching this years show only hoping to see Adam appear again. I have watched this show from the first year and last year was by far the most exciting year because of Adam Lambert. Those people out there who are scared of his sexuality need to remember he is a very talented singer, and that is what that show is about finding talent. I don't care if he is gay, straight or whatever he lifts me up when he sings. Stop being haters and listen to that beautiful voice!


Adam Lambert was horrible on "Idol" last night. His performance was so OTT, it was ridiculous, and his voice strained to hit those high notes, and he missed most of them, particularly at the end. And as a gay man, I find Adam Lambert to be the embodiment of every cliche' and stereotype that makes the straight world prejudiced against gay people. I find his whole "schtick" offensive. He's not a showman; he's an in-you-face fag, with that greasy pompador hairdo, thick eyeliner, dark nail polish...Yuk! There may have been too much fog, but there was also too much fag.


I was so glad that Katie got the boot, it was about time. I was glad that Urban was safe. Since, no one has that it factor this year, I'd like to see Urban win. Of course, Adam was great.


Adam Lambert was awesome and his talent has been missing in the industry for so long that it puts him so far ahead of everyone else. It is just awesome to see real talent. He's a real canary instead of a painted yellow sparrow.


The Votes are in and yes, Adam Lambert won on American Idol last night! He is just amazing and too beautiful for words.


A mesmerizing performer. Incredible voice, beautiful, and charismatic. What a treasure.


Man... this song is so darn catchy


Adam did a wonderful job on this song. Anyone with any taste and experience in music would know this. There was no straining of his voice, it was beautiful as always. It seemed like he finally woke up the whole show, which is just what they needed. I love Adam so much. To me, no other singer can even compare to him.


What is wrong with some people? Always negativity. How can anyone be negative about Adam Lambert? You go out and try and do what he's been doing even before last year's idol. He is an amazing showman, an incredible singer and performer and I think you people in America should be darn proud of him. I'm from Canada and I cheered for him to win last year. He is a singing angel and cut it out with the negative words. He's the best!!

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