Adam Lambert and Elvis: An American Idol Recap

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The stakes were raised for the American Idol finalists last night.

It was Elvis Presley week, for starters, as it's always a challenge to sing classic singles by one of the most iconic artists of all-time.

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert served as a mentor, bringing extra attention to the broadcast by fans of last year's runner-up. As if that wasn't enough, the contestants took the stage aware that TWO of them would be sent home, following last week's save of Michael Lynche.

So, who stepped up his/her game in the face of such pressure? Let's find out...

  1. Lee DeWyze made the perfect song choice in "A Little Less Conversation." It's one of Elvis' most catchy hits and, as the judges keep telling us, Lee has one of the best radio voices in the competition. An ideal combo.
  2. Crystal Bowersox is almost a bore at this point. Not really, of course, but her rendition of "Saved" was just the latest example of why she's guaranteed to finish in the top three and will likely win it all.
  3. Michael Lynche didn't make Simon and company regret saving him. He sat on the stage, strummed his guitar and did what he does best: connect with the audience.
  4. Tim Urban earned raves for the second consecutive week. Another great song choice here, as viewers suddenly Can't Help Falling in Love with the cute crooner.
  5. Casey James might be playing it too safe. His performances are always similar, which isn't a bad thing - but also make it impossible to ever award him the top spot.
  6. Aaron Kelly could be in danger of elimination, as nothing stood out about his "Blue Suede Shoes." No 'wow' moment, as Simon likes to say.
  7. Siobhan Magnus falls to the lowest spot we've ever had her at with her confusing arrangement on "Suspicious Minds." Not one of Elvis' better known singles, so we admire the risk she took. But it didn't pay off for a chance.
  8. Think Katie Stevens was venting to the judges with her choice of "Baby What You Want Me To Do?"
  9. Andrew Garcia sang "Hound Dog." He seems very nice, but will hopefully be singing it again tonight after he gets voted out.

Who was your favorite performer? Click on photos of each from last night below:

Making Like Elvis
Handsome Rocker
Stevens Sticks Around
During Elvis Night
His Blue Suede Shoes
Like a Hound Dog
Blown Away by Bowersox
Making DeWyze Choice
Urban... Legend?

I was a bit surprised at how good Mike Lynche was. He clearly stole the show. On the other hand Tim Urban was unsurprisingly awful, as usual. Can you spell t-a-l-e-n-t-l-e-s-s? Bowersox and DeWyse also stood out. The rest are fading fast. Which, given the weak sauce that is this year's contestants, just goes to show how very, very ordinary they all are.


I think Tim Urban was number 1 last night. He chose a song that was totally Elvis and super hard to sing and extremely hard to get past the Elvis factor. He was dynamite and was certainly better than the others. I'd like to see Tim win it. I wish they would send four home tonight. I hope Katie Stevens goes home, tonight. She has a bunch of high school kids calling instead of it being about the performace. That is so high school.


Suspicious Minds, are they kidding not known, obviously they have no clue what they are talking about, michael and andrew are going home, my prediction. The KING Lives!!!!


I think Aaron did GREAT last night, working the crowd, vocals were on. And Simon making a comment about people "singing to karaoke tracks", humors me. That is all the show was before they let people bring an instrument on stage. It isn't fair for him to call people out about not being able to play an instrument. I think if he was going to be that biased, they only needed to chose people who could play in order for it to be fair game. Crystal is obviously the butt everyone is stuck up right now, which makes the show boring to me. At this point, the judges aren't even giving fair credit to anyone else. Crystal may sing great, but she has never really "moved" me. Nashville, TN is full of the SAME voice, in every bar, in every club, and I've been more moved by it. Anyway, Aaron did very well last night. Simon pisses me off anymore.


I think Idol sucks you put someone like adam lamebert and compare him to elvis my god he's probably rolling over in his grave. Laimbert is terable queer and you idol fags take it up the ass.


Seriously? Suspicious Minds is "not one of Elvis' better known singles"? That is one of his MOST popular songs! Who wrote this article?


Tim Urban is a joke and his performances are stale. The ratings are down, Idol is in limbo pending Simon's departure...the tweens and grandma's love Tim so he has been getting false praise to keep him on. He can't hold " a candle" to any other contestant except Andrew.


i hope siobhan's fans pull thourgh for her....everything was just wrong, from her hair to the song....Crystal was mediocre, too...they need to tell her to stop yelling and us her voice, when she does it is better. She tries too hard to be hard, and you can hear that strain in her voice....the result is zero vibrato and sloppy pitch. (just close your eyes and listen to her, it is like a drunk bonnie rait)Aaron was blank, throughout his performance, like he was uncomfortable eyes and a blank face, like a robot...ugghh. Taylor hicks....uhh...i meah Lee Dewyze was much better in rehearsal, when he actually sang instead of yelled his song...


I like that you guys are no longer looking at what happened earlier in the season and weighing it into your factor. Tim is a totally different artist than he was at the beginning of the season. I think he did better than Crystal Bowersox this week. I think Andrew is going home for sure. The other will be Katie or Michael...


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