A Woman Says Something Nice About Steven Seagal

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Here's something you see about as often as Kate Gosselin choosing her kids over the spotlight:

A female, former employee of Steven Seagal has gone on record with nice things to say about the actor.

When contacted by TMZ, Sonam Choezom - who served as Seagal's nanny in 1996 - said Seagal offered to move her ailing father from Nepal to the America, while employing Choezom as his babysitter so she could afford her dad's health care bills.

Sonam said she is "very surprised" by the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen because the actor was "always very nice and respectful" to her. He never once tried to touch her vagina for "a second to see what it felt like."

Seagal could definitely use this kind of good news. While his attorney denies all claims, more allegations have surfaced against the actor this week:

  • Ex-wife Kelly LeBrock said she will release "many shocking things" about her former husband in an upcoming book.
  • The granddaughter of music legend Ray Charles, Blair Robinson, filed a document that accused Seagal of harassing her in 2004.
  • Movie critics have wondered whether Seagal actually marked for death in the 1990 action flick Marked for Death.
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