Zoe Saldana Earns Academy Award for Worst Dressed

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When it came to the major Academy Awards, Avatar was shut out last night.

But the movie didn't go home as a total loser: Zoe Saldana earned The Hollywood Gossip's annual Worst Dressed (dis)honor for the frock she donned below.

Hideous from the front and the back, Saldana is lucky she has a pretty face, considerable talent and the highest-grossing film in history on her acting resume. Because she'll never make it as a fashion connoisseur.

With apologies to Charlie Theron's regrettable dress, this was the ugliest of the ugly on the red carpet...

Poor Fashion
Zoe Saldana Fashion

[Photos: Splash News]

What do you think of Zoe Saldana's outfit?


Looks like Granny's crocheted afghan got caught on her dress! It's not horrible but...


I hate it!


Loved the top, but the ruffles got to go...


There you have it. A very attractive black women gets the worst dressed. Too bad she is not unattractive,overweight and loud. If she were she would have been of no threat and more exceptable. This is just how the media,t.v.,magazines etc. portray them. Who are we kidding here. Zoe you looked beautiful.


what are you on.?
sarah jessica parkers dress was gorgeous.
it was perfect on her.
miley looked like a sleaze, and me and me mom were making fun of this dress the whole time.
its a good thing shes a great actress.


After living on a blue planet for four years while filming, Zoe probably chose to lighten up by not looking at herself in a full length mirror.Talk about a purple disaster, this frock needs to be picked up off the floor and thrown away.


Caitlin ur comment is absurd. Learn to be polite next time


Actually, she looked really good. This dress was hardly the worst one there. Sara Jessica Parker looked far worse in her sack.


Dead serious. It looks like an oversized caterpillar threw up all over her!


this dress wasn't even that bad.
are you serious?

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