WTF Alert: Roseanne Barr Blames Suicide of Marie Osmond's Son on Sexual Preference, Church

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Late last month, the 17-year old son of Marie Osmond jumped from his Los Angeles apartment building and killed himself.

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    Roseanne is on the outside looking in and passing self-righteous opinions (judgements) about things she does not realize may be very different if she were on the inside looking out. She thinks she is smarter than everyone else, but she is simply another egomaniac,exhibitionist. Always seeking attention anyway she can get it. Leave Marie alone! She loves EACH of her children with unconditional love like most all religious mothers!



    Way to go, I attended and grew up in an LDS church and as a rape victim I was told by the highest leaders I got what I deserved. I respect Ms. Barr with how she worded her statement ... sorry for the death however some individuals of that church of almost any church can destroy a person from the core


    Why would I make hateful comments against Roseanne. She said nothing blasphemous to or about Marie, her son, or her family. She in fact in showing great respect for Marie's son and his suffering. We should all be speaking out against the cause of this horrible tragedy.


    I say Fantastic Rosanne! I've lost friends to suicide, linked to them being judged by their community, friends and family's moral judgements. I beleive in the God entity and the perfect Love that it stands for. But to these hosts of different religions and denominations falling around in their own human interpretations of what is right and wrong I say no! Im sure more suicides can be linked to feelings of inadequacy to these values than one can imagine! And to THG asuming that its readers must send in "most hatefull judgements" you must be christian too?


    I say WAY TO GO Roseanne Barr!!! More people need to be SLAPPED with a dose of REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!


    A fat she devil. 'nuff said.


    Fat Bastard!


    I love Jesus and Mary and God who is pure and good. I hope oneday people will see God in their hearts and see the Catholic Church and other religious groups for what they are. Religion divides people and was not created by God


    god does not codon gays and leisbians he created man to be with woman read your bible rosanne barr


    I don't know if Marie's son was gay but Roseanne is right. Her timing and her stage is wrong though. The message of many faiths such as the LDS do contribute largely to the suicides and suicide attempts of gay youth. It's an ugly fact of religion people refuse to see, but Roseanne speaks the truth; she just should have chosen a better time and situation to express that truth.

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