Who Should Jake Pick on The Bachelor Tonight?

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It all comes down to tonight for The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.

Will he choose Tenley Molzahn, the sweet, effervescent, adorable, squeaky, wonderful girl from a normal Oregon family who seems like she would make the perfect wife in every respect (save for her ex-husband telling Jake to run for it)?

Will he choose Vienna Girardi, an annoying, possibly unstable ditz who enjoys topless modeling, whose family is a little out there, and who the other girls all hated with a passion (and whose ex-husband also says Jake should run for it)?

The right choice is clear. The question is whether Jake makes it.

  • Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn Picture
  • Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Picture

Will Tenley Molzahn or Vienna Girardi be Mrs. Jake Pavelka?

For whatever reason, Vienna Girardi has had Jake wrapped around her finger from day one, and The Bachelor spoilers suggest she comes away with the final rose.

Can Tenley Molzahn somehow pull off the upset? We know that millions of fans (about 86 percent of viewers, according to our informal survey) sure do hope so.

Tell us who you think Jake should choose below ...


Before we learn their fate in St. Lucia, a gripping two-hour episode awaits this evening. Follow the jump for a sneak preview of tonight's Bachelor season finale ...

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@for_real_tho - We like Miley? That's news to us. @Annoyed - It's just one person's opinion. You're also entitled to yours, which we'd love to hear in greater detail. Why do you like Vienna and think she should win? We'd love to hear from a Vienna sympathizer.


Tenley is so fake & phoney....she is like a wolf in sheeps clothing, only an idiot would even consider getting serious with her....she has fatal attraction written all over her bipolar ass. At least, with Vienna, you see what you get....even if it is an immature girl....she is at least real & fun. If she was 16 years old, you would be all over it....we all know how you see young girls (like Miley)....


Ok, it is obvious that you (the writer of the articles on this site), doesn't like Vienna. But, some people do. So, care to be a little less biased for the sake of keeping visitors on your website, or no?


Vienna or tentley,jake its up 2 u..all d best.


u suck vienna