Who Should Jake Pick on The Bachelor Tonight?

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It all comes down to tonight for The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.

Will he choose Tenley Molzahn, the sweet, effervescent, adorable, squeaky, wonderful girl from a normal Oregon family who seems like she would make the perfect wife in every respect (save for her ex-husband telling Jake to run for it)?

Will he choose Vienna Girardi, an annoying, possibly unstable ditz who enjoys topless modeling, whose family is a little out there, and who the other girls all hated with a passion (and whose ex-husband also says Jake should run for it)?

The right choice is clear. The question is whether Jake makes it.

Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn Picture
Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Picture

Will Tenley Molzahn or Vienna Girardi be Mrs. Jake Pavelka?

For whatever reason, Vienna Girardi has had Jake wrapped around her finger from day one, and The Bachelor spoilers suggest she comes away with the final rose.

Can Tenley Molzahn somehow pull off the upset? We know that millions of fans (about 86 percent of viewers, according to our informal survey) sure do hope so.

Tell us who you think Jake should choose below ...

Before we learn their fate in St. Lucia, a gripping two-hour episode awaits this evening. Follow the jump for a sneak preview of tonight's Bachelor season finale ...


I am officially boycotting the bachelor. I couldn't even watch the ending. Vienna, I think is hiding something and sooner hopefully rather than later, Jake will figure that out


jake you dumb ass she a fake


I will never watch the bachelor ever again if Jake picks the slutty V. she is such a heg whore yuck! T you deserve much better!!!


I think Jake is a big loser. If he chooses Vienna (sausage), then he deserves her. LMFAO


Ok,rumors say vienna wins,but i really hope its a lie cuz she really isn't a good person.tenley is really giggly but i think she is better,that she knows more.vienna is jealous and snobbish.thoguh i don't want to offend anyone who likes her


Tenley is way Too Giddy and Giggly for Jake, From The Preview of the Finale Jake's Family doesn't seem to like Vienna, i like Vienna and Ali and I wish she didn't leave but she said to Ellen that if he really cared he would go find her .. which i think is a good test.
so you you never know with Jake he makes alot od descision's that us (Viewers) wont Understand and he Even said that so we will see what happens!!


oh and if you read this whole page and the votes its 80 something percent tenley and like 14 percent vienna tenley is prettier, knows and is confident in her love with jake and i hope that she will be good with jakes family but i know that she will be because of her amazing personality where she is so nice and just should be the chosen oneeeeee.:) jake i know that you probablly may or may not read this but good luck and follow your heart.And tenley best of luck to you 2!


i hope that tenley wins she deserves the best !!!! vienna is nice to but on the last episode not women tell all the one before that was wierd that she licked him.lol tenley you deserve this more than anything best of luck to you hope you win.!!! jake its up to you.


I hope that the spoilers are untrue (or deliberately planted to throw us off, wouldn't that be something) and that Tenley wins, I think they are great together.


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