Vomit Alert: Jake Pavelka Taps Chelsie Hightower to Choreograph Wedding Dance with Vienna Girardi

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Guess Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi really are getting married.

The Bachelor star and new Dancing with the Stars cast member is not just engaged to his final rose recipient, he's already planning the big day - and wants DWTS partner Chelsie Hightower is going to choreograph their first wedding dance.

After the Dancing With the Stars season opener, a happy Jake said Chelsie is "going to plan the dance." Vienna echoed, "She is! She's choreographing our first dance."

That will be quite the first dance. Chelsie, whose own career began on So You Think You Can Dance three seasons ago, helped Jake to a respectable opening showing.

Imagine what she can do with more advance planning!

Chelsie and Jake on Dancing with the Stars.

No word on an official wedding date being set for Jake and Vienna yet, or to what reality show Jake Pavelka will jump once he is kicked off Dancing With the Stars.


I think Jake and Chelsie make a better couple than him and Vienna... maybe its kind of destiny? IF he hadn't meet Vienna, he wouldn't be in dancing with the star and be working with Chelsie xD then again its just a fantasy of mine. Although Jake and Chelsie treat each other like brother and sister, they're are more chemistry between them than him with Vienna...


Why so much fuss about Jake's choice, he gets what he settled for. As for beauty? Ugly goes deep to the bone.


In response to for_real_tho: there is many a slip between the cup and the lip.


I totally agree with L wall's post.


They deserve each other. He's a short boring dud. She's a horsey pointy (pointy features only get pointier over time) immature freak...getting terrible flashbacks to her "hometown" date (Banjos...Deliverance). Couldn't stand his season of the bachelor, and he really shows his (lack of) height on this show. Their kid would be so fugly...scary!!!!!


I disagree. I think Ali is no where near thoughtless or any of those other things that were said. She simply did not like Vienna like the other girls. She may have been more likely to say something about it since she was pretty confident her relationship with Jack progressed better than the others. Vienna is not as bad as the show/media made her seem. She seems fun to be around. Her only down fall which is also a good trait is that she is honest.


Another thing: its NOT how beautiful that person looks..its the Inner Beauty: It's All About Attitude!!!


Chelsea and Jake make a prettier couple than Jake and whats-her-face.....


It does not seem like they are taking it slow....they are taking it fast,for the publicity, and the $$$$$$$....


ALL FOR THE CAMERAS. Every time the publicity gets rough on poor Jake, he takes his horse out for a ride in public and kisses and hugs her for the cameras and tabs. No Chelsia is going do a wedding dance for your fake wedding, she has a real life and better things to do. If you two are so much in love, go back to Dallas and start a life together. It might make it more believeable then. Bet you don't go.

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