Vienna Girardi: The Bachelor Winner! Engaged to Jake Pavelka on Season Finale!

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On an epic season finale, even by The Bachelor standards, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi decided to spend eternity together. Tears of joy flowed as he proposed.

Congrats, guys! We give it at least a couple of weeks!

Despite her best efforts, Tenley Molzahn could not compare to Vienna, a pariah all season long but a free spirit who has always had a vice grip on Jake's heart.

Our traditional point-system recap of Monday night's shocking events - and the most difficult decision Jake Pavelka will EVER have to make - appears below ...

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Picture

Jake reflects that Tenley seems so perfect but he has this "lightning-hot chemistry" with Vienna Girardi. Minus 4, because no one talks like this dolt. No one.

Tenley and Jake jump in the pool with all their clothes on. So totally unrehearsed and totally romantic! Plus 8. The rest of the family joins them. Minus 8.

Sallie, Jake's mom, is not a fan of Vienna. Her weird sarcasm and lack of anything nice to say is really making it awkward. Funny how that works. Plus 2.

Jake thinks his fam's opinion is because he set Vienna up to fail, telling them Vienna was not well-liked in the house. Dude, you are delusional. Minus 5.

Vienna and Jake make out and rub mud all over each other. Plus 17, because this belongs on Cinemax late night and took place on ABC at 8:40 EST.

On the boat, Jake worries he and Tenley have emotional chemistry but he feels no physical chemistry. Tenley sighs, "I feel it." Ouch. Poor girl. Minus 10.

The best production assistant creation of the night goes to the photo collage Tenley "made" for Jake. Honorable mention? Vienna's promise ring. Plus 9.

What a Tough Call

Shirtless Jake tries to look contemplative on the balcony. Neil Lane arrives and the network makes it look like Jake and Neil are BFFs somehow. Plus 17.

Tenley Molzahn is first to hear Jake's decision. Kiss of death. Minus 250 for the wrong choice, and because she "appreciates his honesty." Preposterous.

Vienna arrives and Jake gives back her promise ring, a total fake-out move before he proposes for real. Plus 125 for the writer who thought up that one.

On "After the Final Rose," Jake calls Vienna, who is moving to Dallas with him, his "baby" and says they have "so much heat." We're creeped out. Minus 11.

Chris talks about what a "maverick" Jake is. Sarah Palin rolls in grave. Plus 7.

As predicted, the new star of The Bachelorette is Ali Fedotowsky! Plus 20.

Oh yeah, and Jake has actually been cast on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Is this a great addition to reality competition? Or a case of ABC forever giving up the farce that The Bachelor is about finding love and not ratings? Eh, we love it. Plus 100.

TOTAL: +17. SEASON: +26.

Will Jake and Vienna last?


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What a HUGE dissapointment Jake!!! My god you seem like smart guy what happened to you?? How could you chose trashy vienna??? is that the women you want raising your kids? Incredible!
What a dissapointment on ABC as well,terrible show and horrible ending.I do not plan to watch it again!
Jake will be divorce before he knows it,either that or broke because she will steal his money!


Does his choice really matter to any of us? Or are we just bored and we realize that critiquing his choice of mate is easier than critiquing our own? Why can't we get this heated and this involved in issues that actually have an effect on our own lives? I'm not being snide when I ask this- I really wish I knew the answer….


Jake, Jake, Jake! What happened? You started the season with a brain, and ended up using the wrong head to make a decision. Is
your choice really who you want to raise your children? Should be
lots of fun as long as your are jet setting her around to spend lots and lots of $$$ and clean up after her...but a future? Good luck - I believed in you and this show...but now I would have to say you didn't deserve Tinley and I am done as a fan of the show.


I'm sooooooo disappointed! I think that Tenley was the wiser LONG TERM choice. Vienna is too immature to make this work long term. And Ali as the next Bachelorette. I don't think I'll be watching. I grew tired of her whining and don't believe that she is in a place yet to enter a relationship long-term. So sad.....


@Woo Hoo - I'm an (apparently) attractive, intimidating woman too but I don't like women who cheat on their husbands while they're on a deployment. I don't like Vienna at all, although all I have to go on is what I've read on here since I'm over in Australia and they aren't showing it here yet. Being attractive and assertive does not give you a license to be a bitch.


I think Vienna was a great choice. Congrats Jake and Vienna. I called it as soon as she stepped out of the limo. I think she's a doll. Good deal. I am also an attractive, intimidating woman, so, I know how she feels. Fatties like to hate. =)


I think that Jake made the best decision. No one is perfect and Tenley seemed too perfect, plus fragile. Vienna was real, she was real about her flaws, she didn't try to be someone she was not and she took a lot of heat. I have been in agreement with Vienna since I first saw her on the show, because you don't go there to make friends, you go to meet your next husband. That takes strength to go up against those battlecats and always maintained a smile, while others seemed to be focused on her.


They just announced Ali as next bachelorette? I thought she had to go back to her job. Proves the back-to-job thing was 100% gimmick. I liked her at first, thought it was hers to lose, but I changed my mind. When she pouts and goes into that whiney voice with pushed out lip...oh COMPLETELY annoying. Can you imagine a lifetime of that? Only thing worse would be listening to Tenley's baby voice.


Jake will be gone flying & she'll be spending $$$ & farking someone else on the side! You always look at the parents/family to find out what someone is really like.


Oh, and what's with that cr*p about one girl having to leave to go back to work? That was a carbon copy of last season with Gillian. She would have had to say in seclusion for a couple of more weeks anyway at that point, until all were released back into their natural habitats at the same time, so that cr*p about her really having to back to work doesn't ring true. She would have been allowed to show her face at her job. The next week, when she was lamenting about making a mistake, it was obvious they were still taping her in a hotel room. I think that part is 100% gimmick. (One more thing about immature many times did they roll tape of her saying, "this is the life I want." Uh, that ain't the life your getting, chicky. JAKE might be flying off to St. Lucia, but you'll be home alone in the condo.