Vienna Girardi: The Bachelor Winner! Engaged to Jake Pavelka on Season Finale!

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On an epic season finale, even by The Bachelor standards, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi decided to spend eternity together. Tears of joy flowed as he proposed.

Congrats, guys! We give it at least a couple of weeks!

Despite her best efforts, Tenley Molzahn could not compare to Vienna, a pariah all season long but a free spirit who has always had a vice grip on Jake's heart.

Our traditional point-system recap of Monday night's shocking events - and the most difficult decision Jake Pavelka will EVER have to make - appears below ...

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Picture

Jake reflects that Tenley seems so perfect but he has this "lightning-hot chemistry" with Vienna Girardi. Minus 4, because no one talks like this dolt. No one.

Tenley and Jake jump in the pool with all their clothes on. So totally unrehearsed and totally romantic! Plus 8. The rest of the family joins them. Minus 8.

Sallie, Jake's mom, is not a fan of Vienna. Her weird sarcasm and lack of anything nice to say is really making it awkward. Funny how that works. Plus 2.

Jake thinks his fam's opinion is because he set Vienna up to fail, telling them Vienna was not well-liked in the house. Dude, you are delusional. Minus 5.

Vienna and Jake make out and rub mud all over each other. Plus 17, because this belongs on Cinemax late night and took place on ABC at 8:40 EST.

On the boat, Jake worries he and Tenley have emotional chemistry but he feels no physical chemistry. Tenley sighs, "I feel it." Ouch. Poor girl. Minus 10.

The best production assistant creation of the night goes to the photo collage Tenley "made" for Jake. Honorable mention? Vienna's promise ring. Plus 9.

What a Tough Call

Shirtless Jake tries to look contemplative on the balcony. Neil Lane arrives and the network makes it look like Jake and Neil are BFFs somehow. Plus 17.

Tenley Molzahn is first to hear Jake's decision. Kiss of death. Minus 250 for the wrong choice, and because she "appreciates his honesty." Preposterous.

Vienna arrives and Jake gives back her promise ring, a total fake-out move before he proposes for real. Plus 125 for the writer who thought up that one.

On "After the Final Rose," Jake calls Vienna, who is moving to Dallas with him, his "baby" and says they have "so much heat." We're creeped out. Minus 11.

Chris talks about what a "maverick" Jake is. Sarah Palin rolls in grave. Plus 7.

As predicted, the new star of The Bachelorette is Ali Fedotowsky! Plus 20.

Oh yeah, and Jake has actually been cast on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Is this a great addition to reality competition? Or a case of ABC forever giving up the farce that The Bachelor is about finding love and not ratings? Eh, we love it. Plus 100.

TOTAL: +17. SEASON: +26.

Will Jake and Vienna last?


I'm happy for Jake and Vienna, if they can get past all the tabloids and drama, just like Jason & Molly, I think they will make a great couple!


Congratulations and best wishes for the future for both Jake and Vienna. Jake followed his heart and I am glad of that. Wish everyone would just sit back, keep their mouths shut, and let them live their lives. Am anxious to watch Dancing with the Stars, however I doubt I can watch the Bachelorette. Ali was my least favorite, such a high schoolish backstabber!!! My last thought is that Jake and Vienna make such a nice couple, they really compliment each other!


Jake's just P.O'd and guilty that he "set up" Vienna to his family so he "pity picked" her but his family's FIRST impression of her was so accurate! What could editing do? They clearly hated her at first and then, as if magic, they were on her side as she was just misunderstood as if to say, they had to do SOMETHING as she was his final pick. I hope the sister's-in-law "out" her for the fake, vindictive biz-natch she really is. BELIEVE ME, it won't take long!


I like Ali. I'm not convinced that her hateful behavior wasn't scripte, because it didn't seem natural for her. Can't prove it, but can't deny it's possible either.


Ali left because they offered her a show of her own. The entire franchise needs to end, they are so transparent.


On the other hand, they are both as deep as a tea saucer and superficial as they come. They actually deserve each other; they can damage each other rather than the nice people they both have damaged before. Karma is about to commence.


The whole show is fake and so is this couple. Made for TV not in Heaven.


Sorry to disappoint Dave, but Vienna is acting! A teenager falling in love for the first time? Believe me, that girl has had lots of men and this is not her first time! She is a master at manipulation and she is playing everyone right now including Jake who will soon look like an idiot. I know her ex-in-laws and they did not make up a story, they lived it! And you really think a woman like Vienna who screams high maintenance is wife material? Have fun paying for her futures surgeries and fake hair. I bet Jake doesnt know how much money she spends on designer purses at 500+ a pop!!!!!!!!


Tenley may have been a little too sweet, but hey that's who everyone wants to be, classy - big turn on for me. Too bad not too many people appreciate class these days.
As for Vienna, whoever likes her, seriously people get out of ur shells... She has "slut" written all over her face. U seriously think people can change in few months??? That chick has probably screwed half the people in her little hometown. What she is, is not "brutally honest," but an insecure, little bitch that uses her exterior to cover up her insecurities "Oh, is Jake or the rest of the world for that matter ever going to find out how many people I screwed?" Don't u see how laid back she is now?? She sounds as if she grew to become a 27 year old woman off an 18 year old immature, teenager. Just so that the american viewers may cut her some slack. Enjoy fan's comments bitch... You deserve this :))
I see this fake relationship to last 4 - 6 months.


I don't like Ali. she is so fake. I would never want her in my family. Jake's family is lucky she didn't join it. I love Vienna. Won't be watching the Bachelorette. I can't believe the show picked her.

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