Tiger Woods Text Messages to Joslyn James: Angry, Dirty, Nasty Stuff

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Tiger Woods mistress/porn star Joslyn James did as advertised and posted over 100 sexy text messages that Tiger allegedly sent her on her website earlier today.

The topics? Choking, threesomes, golden showers, etc.

Standard fare for Tiger Woods these days apparently.

We're starting to get an idea of why Elin Woods is supposedly so irate over Tiger's dalliances with Joslyn James, even though he had a dozen other mistresses.

Her site, Sexting Joslyn James (really) includes texts from the golfer saying:

  • I am going to make you my whore.
  • I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.
  • I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you.
  • Have you ever had a golden shower done to you? ... just morbid curiosity.
  • You are my f**king whore. Hold you down while I choke you.
Joslyn James Picture
Tiger Woods Fist Pump

PLAYING ALL THE HOLES: Just when we thought Tiger Woods couldn't be more of a depraved individual, a mistress comes forward with text messages about golden showers.

Interestingly, Joslyn James omitted the texts she sent back to Tiger, so it's impossible to know the context or what she said that may have egged the superstar on.

Then again, that golden shower one seemed pretty unprovoked. Just saying.

And then there's this, on September 8, 2009: "Having a few issues at home. Might be a little later before I see you tonight ... parent hood melt down :)" Cute.

The last message, dated October 4, 2009, says, "Don't f**king talk to me. You almost just ruined my life. If my agent and these guys had seen you ... F**k!"

Woods was allegedly livid because J-squared snaked into Tiger's hotel room in Las Vegas that morning while Tiger entertained investors from Dubai.

When he returned to the room ... she was still in the room. He was not happy.

No word on whether she was able to make it up to him somehow ...


Oh my goodness folks, first, this chick is a porn actress...I don't know how to define that other than she gets money to drop her britches and gets paid to bare and use it all on video/film...not a lot of acting involved...period. She KNEW Tiger was married, as did he, all of these women did, therefore none of them have been victimized, but have all entered into these unholy relationships with their eyes wide open, as well as other things. It's really strange that her timing is "right now," rather than when the story broke. She is what she is, he is what he is, and hopefully everyone involved can get on with their careers.


I can not believe how she is the only bad guy in this sad saga. I as much as a next woman shudder at the thought of my husband going to prostitute, and maybe she was/is after his money but HE and only HE is responsible for the mess, the heartbreak and the shame HE put his family trough. Not sure if i could forgive my partner if he did something like that, or ever trust him again.
Tiger has a beautiful wife and precious children, and for HIM to belittle them so publicly ,not just with one affair but many others is inexcusable and unforgiving no matter how many months of therapy he does. My heart goes out his wife and children, and i really think the only one here needing therapy is her to build enough esteem and confidence to move on with life.Leopard NEVER changes it's spots.


Well Elin should leave Tiger, she should have more self respect for her children and herself. Tiger is not going to change. Elin better not be suprised when she comes down with Chlamydia...


Scum, pure scum. Tiger is sick. Any wife worth her spirit would leave this bag of shit and sue his ass for all he's worth. This bastard humiliates women then like a robot apologies. If he had a real woman as his wife she would have left him ball less. Men are dogs!


It is so obvious that this JJ is a money-hunter... The fact that she had a website with these text messages is for her to gain exposure for men seeking sexual pleasures to be able to reach her... This woman is a prostitute...one who blackmouthed as well as "stabbed" men whom she slept with.. Treat this woman JJ as a "shark" who bites and hurts people till she sees blood... What a disgusting and shameless woman !


This JJ is a shameless woman with these acts showing her revenge.. Probably she asked for money from Tiger but could not get any..(For Tiger, why pay the woman who had disclosed all the bad stuff out... To be frank, if someone wants hush money, one should show she is willing to shut up, but this JJ looked like a crazy woman ...Wise for Tiger not to pay, because this type of woman will never close her mouth ie she will still say things here-and-there even if she got the money)... Also, JJ" you have to learn that mistresses/women slept (ie not the official wife) didn't have severance pay because you are not the "wife"... In actual fact, you owed the WOODS family a lot because you have committed a sin because you have affair with a married man


He is gross! *shudders* doubt Elin would ever sleep with him again.


This immoral, shameless wh**e is doing this out of spite and revenge! She wanted money from Tiger but could not get any. Well, there is no surprise here because this is what you get when you put trash with trash... more trash!!!

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