Tiger Woods Text Messages to Joslyn James: Angry, Dirty, Nasty Stuff

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Tiger Woods mistress/porn star Joslyn James did as advertised and posted over 100 sexy text messages that Tiger allegedly sent her on her website earlier today.

The topics? Choking, threesomes, golden showers, etc.

Standard fare for Tiger Woods these days apparently.

We're starting to get an idea of why Elin Woods is supposedly so irate over Tiger's dalliances with Joslyn James, even though he had a dozen other mistresses.

Her site, Sexting Joslyn James (really) includes texts from the golfer saying:

  • I am going to make you my whore.
  • I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.
  • I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you.
  • Have you ever had a golden shower done to you? ... just morbid curiosity.
  • You are my f**king whore. Hold you down while I choke you.
Joslyn James Picture
Tiger Woods Fist Pump

PLAYING ALL THE HOLES: Just when we thought Tiger Woods couldn't be more of a depraved individual, a mistress comes forward with text messages about golden showers.

Interestingly, Joslyn James omitted the texts she sent back to Tiger, so it's impossible to know the context or what she said that may have egged the superstar on.

Then again, that golden shower one seemed pretty unprovoked. Just saying.

And then there's this, on September 8, 2009: "Having a few issues at home. Might be a little later before I see you tonight ... parent hood melt down :)" Cute.

The last message, dated October 4, 2009, says, "Don't f**king talk to me. You almost just ruined my life. If my agent and these guys had seen you ... F**k!"

Woods was allegedly livid because J-squared snaked into Tiger's hotel room in Las Vegas that morning while Tiger entertained investors from Dubai.

When he returned to the room ... she was still in the room. He was not happy.

No word on whether she was able to make it up to him somehow ...


I think Tiger is of type doing things not thinking of consequences... He is also of type too straight-forward.. I hope he really learns from this sex scandal... He should realise with his reputation and family, he has so much that he can't afford to lose in "playing" around... I am not saying his wealth can't afford him to do so...but losing his family for playing with these "sharks" aren't worth it... nor is the shame and guilt that he is facing now... Tiger: learn from this...be brave...but keep your words in the public apology that you promise to improve...and focus all your attention to golf and family... Just remmember, if you have spent your time and money that you spent on those "whores" to golf, your family and to help others, this world will for sure be a far better place... Tiger: It is still not late for you to turn this around... Make your best effort to be a better man !


This JJ is "advertising" herself as a sex tool for prospective "sex clients"... She made me vomit ? What a disgrace for women !


Lidia: Do you really believe in every word these whores say or claim ? This JJ said she has two pregnancies with Tiger but had not told Tiger... You believe her , ha ha ! If a woman earning money from her sex is made pregnant by a rich man, do you think she will be that stupid not to even tell the man about it ???? Besides, I read some e-news immeidately following the pregnancy e-news that JJ's stepmother and step daughter said JJ was telling lies...and that Jj was of type "trouble-maker"... BTW do you know this JJ released the texts but only the man's portion ...All the text portion of hers had not been released... Well, you could tempt or trap a man to say a lot of things as well... A woman can first say she fancy a man, which can lead to a whole bunch of flirting messages from the man...but if the woman hide her part of the conversation and just release the man's part of the conversation...ha ha...sneaky ! she is just "trapping" the man..


it is very sad to see people enjoying other people's life being destroyed.He was wrong, he knows it, his wife now knows it and so does the world!too bad he is a star! in the bedroom, place for fantasy for many of us, time to play, time to act, to be someone different sometimes. Does not make of any of us mortals monters, but a star....I feel sad for him, hes already paid trough loosing the innocence of his relationship with his wife, one that will never be the same again. i feel sad for his wife, for a common mistake of many she will endure years of shame.I feel disgusted at the people willing to throw the first stone pretending to be SOOOo different. I am ashamed at the behavior of all the women he slept with after the fact.A lot of jalousy,pretend values....




Why didn't this porn star open up to the media before the scandal broke? Because she was enjoying all the attention she was receiving from Tiger Woods. What kind of women would have a website for anyone to view the text messages? A money-hungry, vindictive women that's who. She has proven she is a worthless,trustless,non moral women who doesn;t give a darn about a wife and two innocent children. You made your family very proud of you....way to go porn star!


It is important to know about such dirty letters. People who worship Woods will forgive him any and everything. This is WRONG !!
Wake up people. He is good at golf but would you want him as a boyfriend for your daughter or sister? Would you want him as a friend of your son or brother?
Of course Joslyn is trash, but so is he...ten times over!


Mr Woods must apologizes to all the ladies he had sex with....especially this one.She was pregnant....He is a sick man...he will never change....Elin wake up and smell the coffee.


Tiger admitted his adultery, publicly apologized to his fans and his family and is taking other measures to help with his addiction. All Joselyn is doing is precipitating more shit. She deserves everything she gets and more. She knew he was married and played with him regardless. I'm sure she wasn't thinking of his wife or his children when she was performing oral and other acts on/with him. She willingly assisted in tearing the family apart and now insists on continuing to humiliate everyone involved with her only goal "the money" linked to someone as rich as Tiger Woods. I wonder if she can even cook a meal heaven knows she can stir a mean vindictive cauldron.


Tiger has a freaky side, hell so do I and I go to church every Sunday! Most men have a wild side that most people will never see. People's sex lives should be kept in secret that's why you (hardly)ever see couples making love on the sidewalk unless they are severely impaired. Sometimes sex is dirty and that's the thing that men don't get at home with their wives and seek it through other means. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they don't have that desire. Tiger is just a man and then he's whatever else he may be. Celebrity or money doesn't put someone above anyone else; only in the minds of the foolish is someone better that anyone. Grow up world, celebrities are only regular people with irregular lives they are subject to the same mistakes, insecurities, and faults as everyone else. Don't place anyone on a pedestal for when you do you put yourself in a position to be disappointed.....

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