Report: Tiger Woods Marked Birth of First Child with Joslyn James Sex Romp

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Tiger Woods celebrated the arrival of his first child, daughter Sam Alexis, by secretly meeting up with Joslyn James, according to new reports from ... James.

Woods flew Joslyn to the first tournament he played after wife Elin Woods gave birth back on June 18, 2007. Tiger announced then that he was taking time off.

However, that same week, the golf legend had his best pal and business manager Bryon Bell coordinate a secret rendezvous with Joslyn James! Classy move.

Tiger paid for Joslyn James to fly from Seattle to Washington D.C, to meet on the same weekend that he played in the AT&T National in Bethesda, Maryland.

Joslyn James (Veronica Daniels)

Maybe Joslyn just flew in to help with his swing mechanics?

Elin Woods did not attend the tournament. Convenient. At a press conference there, Tiger Woods said: "It's been fantastic to have Sam Alexis part of our life."

"It was a dream come true for Elin, myself and all of our family. We've been obviously working a little bit and a lot of late nights, but it's been a lot of fun."

We're sure those late nights were fun ... with Joslyn.

Her Tiger Woods text messages made it abundantly clear what their relationship was like ... spanking, choking, golden showers, threesomes and whatnot.

Dude was into some sick $h!t. No wonder that despite being just one of many mistresses, Elin Woods is said to be particularly upset about Joslyn James.


I hope Tiger and Elin can bravely move on ... These whores, JJ and the tbaloid have bad intention of publicity, $$$ and revenge... Move on and show them that their bad intention will never win.


I don't care what he did or she did, this story is getting old. Move on!!!!!


Why is a women that will allow two men to have sex with her at the same time (double penetration) given any credibility. She by default has proven she will do anything for money.


The tabloid is the biggest contributor reporting excited on any hints or guessemate actions of Elin considering or going for a divorce....It appeared they are trying all ways to ensure a divorce will happen...


clearly elin's issue is with the extent and nature of his affairs. yes he cheated and yes everyone (tiger, elin and the public) is trying to move on but this isn't a run of the mill sex scandal nor is it an isolated incident. this sort of thing will be incredibly hard to forgive and IMPOSSIBLE to forget, certainly Tiger's worldwide celebrity status keeps the tabloids interested more than Jesse James's scandal too.


I hope Elin and Tiger stay married and don't let this failed freak skank to break them up with texts. Note she isn't showing her own texts where she baited Tiger with sexual fantasies most men would cave to. Joslyn is a whore like her fallen Gloria Allred both frothing at the mouth on TV seeking $$$ pretending to want only an apology. Whore James knew he was married, she's the intruder who fills the Internet with only his texts, never hers. Gloria has proved to be an ambulence chaser and has lost any crediblity she had representing whores with hate both demanding fame and foul. Alled is humiliated and frantic for attention too,for she was once a resource for real victims. Now she's simply a joke. She lost her reputation seeking revenge for mental midget sluts like Joslyn James. UGLY DIRTY PUKE TOO USED FOR PORN


Is this any news ? The tabloid just likes to re-circulate e-news over and over hoping to revive the juice of Tiger's sex scandal ... His sex scandal is history....and people got tired of hiring them

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