Tanya Douglas: Jake Pavelka is a Cheating Liar!

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka has been engaged to Vienna Girardi for about 20 minutes and he's already catching heat for it - from ex Tanya Douglas.

Jake's previous girlfriend claims he was in contact with her after he finished taping the reality show, and claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

Pavelka has denied any overlap between his past relationships and his Bachelor stint, during which he met and ultimately proposed to Vienna Girardi.

Not so, says Tanya, who lobbed vague accusations of cheating at Jake in an interview earlier this week, although she was not identified by name then.

She also claims they discussed marriage and that he said the women on the show, Vienna included, mean absolutely nothing to him. Anyone buying it?

Tanya Douglas Picture

Tanya Douglas looks a little Vienna-like, no?

The identity of Jake's ex was revealed this afternoon, for whatever it's worth. For his part, Jake denied Tanya's claims to Entertainment Tonight this evening.

"The relationship with [Douglas] was prior to The Bachelor, it simply did not work out," he said. "There was no overlap with that or any other relationship."

"It is unfortunate that people are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna," the hunky pilot continued.

"I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are together.”

Well? Do you believe Tanya Douglas or Jake Pavelka? And will he and Vienna Girardi, the subject of some shady rumors herself, last?


As for Jake and his ex, Jake looks a few years younger in that photo thats been posted. and if the ex was that upset that Jake was on a dating show, why hasn't she said anything LONG before now.
I mean he was on a show trying to hook up with Jillian, and now on his own Bachelor show to find love...why wait til he finds it to finally come out saying they are still dating, you would think this ex would come out back when Jake was on the Bachelor.... why can't people/media just let Jake and Vienna be happy, why dig up dirt on people I don't get it.


I like Vienna, didn't understand why no one else liked her.
From what I could tell the girls were upset because she came back from a date and told the girls in detail what happened, and thats what to me, seemed like thats what set the girls off.
But in any other Bachelor show I've seen, the girls live for that, I just think Ali the ring leader of the mean girls didn't like it and ran with it. I hope Jake and Vienna do last, they deserve to be happy. as for Ali being the next Bachelorette.....I can't stand her, but I will still watch, I'm a sucker for reality t.v


Jake is under a contract. He has to act like he is in love with Vienna. They have to be seen out in public acting like they are in love. He got paid for doing that show and he has to keep up with his part of the bargain. Don't be mad at him yall! I would do the same thing if I was gonna get paid and so would you! I feel sorry that he had to fake it with a butta head like Vienna though. She is so ugly!!!!!! I thought it was a joke when they had her on the show! Either way we will definitley see her going under the knife within the year trust me! They always do!


As much as I would like to believe that this story is true (due to my dislike of Vienna)....I don't think Jake would be that careless. He knows he is under contract and can't breathe a word to anyone about the outcome. He is definitely not going to blab everything to an ex girlfriend! I am hoping he falls for Chelsie...she is a lot cuter than Vienna!


Stop trashing Tanya! She was devastated by Jake. He is a class A jerk, breaking up with Tanya via TEXT msg!!!! to be on the bachelor then continueing to stay in contact w/ Tanya all the while pursuing these other women! Now he is going to be on DWTS....please now WHO is the one money-hungry and out for fame....my vote goes to JAKE! What a selfish, money greedy idiot. He and Vienna DO deserve each other!!!


i think she just made becuz jake and vienna are happy and like jake said shes a ex girlfriend from a long time again she just trying to make up lies to be famous shes a HATER!!!


Tanya...did he cheated on you? Tanya..did he lied to you?


Where was Tanya when The Bachelor just began? She is miserable with herself so she wants Jake and Vienna to be too. Tanya must know that her 15 minutes of fame soon finish.
What do she expect to achieve, get back Jake? This certainly would not work girl.


Tanya used to work with me, before she was let go from the company just a few months back. This girl is a nut case!!


By all indications,Jake has acknowledged a relationship with Vienna by publicly choosing her over all of the choices that were available to him.I don't think calling a man a cheating liar is going to make him rush to your side to defend your honor.Tanya
evidently mistaken Jakes's intentions towards her,feeling that it was more romantic than it was proven to be.Hopefully, in the near future someone else will sweep Tanya off her feet, and she will forget about Jake,because apparently he has moved on with Vienna!