Spotted: Tiger and Elin Woods Kissing!

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Mother of God. We knew the ice had been thawing between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, but weren't prepared for a report of them - gasp! - kissing this week.

What's next? Her letting him get to second base?

Elin Woods Bikini Picture

Tiger and Elin Woods were spotted smooching Monday for the first time in months, according to a "close source" Radar Online may have invented for all we know.

“They were hugging and they were kissing right out in the open,” an eyewitness told the site. “Elin is certainly a lot more relaxed these days and so is Tiger."

Good to hear. “People in the neighborhood are getting used to seeing them together again,” the source adds. So does this mean it's all water under the bridge?

OUT OF THE WOODS: It looks like Tiger finally is.

Time will tell. But they were arm-in-arm before the once-estranged spouses hugged and kissed openly. “They’ve come a long, long way,” the source said.

“There was a time when she wouldn’t even look at him.”

Elin agreed to move back home with Tiger at some point in the past week. She has not actually moved in yet as of now, although she is still planning to.

The Swedish stunner rented a house about a mile away from their home. And while she is still sleeping there, she and Tiger are spending time together.

That's been the routine, at least in the short term, as he tries to win her back after undergoing rehab. For now, it looks like the couple's divorce is off.

"Elin has not wanted to give up on the marriage," says the source. “Plus, she still is in love with him, and always has been, after everything he’s done.”

Elin staying with Tiger after all of this is ...


Wow all that money and he is fooling around with a bunch of DOG'S a billion dollars and thats what he buys what a idiot .His wife is 10 times better looking and he did'nt have to run around to sleep with her oh well as the saying goes a fool and his money will soon part.AND THEY CALLED ME A CHEAT FOR USING MY LEGAL PING WEDGES SEE YOU AT THE MASTER'S YOU LYING KINIVING ADULTER STUPID IGNORANT I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY WIFE OR CHILDREN IDIOT


Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz......she should cop his penis off!!!! PERIOD>>>>>


Ok, Elin, you appear to have made your choice. Apparently, you are prepared to accept him 'as he is' because he will NOT change. You will join the ranks of other wives that allow their husbands to live a double life. If you think he will change, or you can accept his just being 'hub' and 'dad' when home, and it not effect you, you are sadly, and I do mean sadly mistaken.


Tiger is a sex addict...he cannot change.Elin is making a big mistake staying with him.It looks like that you are sending a wrong message...that implies that it is okay to cheat.You are confusing the kids,,,the media...and your mom 2.Elin stay away from him.Tiger is not good.


I am glad they have decided to work things out. Divorce is not pleasant, especially when children are involved. Everyone makes mistakes, and Tiger Woods is no exception. Women make mistakes like that too and would want their spouses to forgive them and give them a second chance. Tiger Woods made a terrible mistake but he apologized and, agreed to counselling and rehab. I wish them well as they strive to save their marriage, and I hope Tiger learns form his mistakes.


Wow i love the comment people are giving. It is there busines and people shuld stop gossips. I love their reunion and it is the best 4 them all


I am glad that Tiger and Elin seem to be working on repairing their relationship and saving their marriage.Tiger has said publicly that the two things that are most important to him are his wife and his children. Elin has been supporting Tiger during his rehab and she agreed to give him time to prove he is committed to her and the children. With love all things are possible. I wish them the best and hope they live happy together again.


The media has been horrible in reporting the Tiger Woods case in the last 3 months... Everything has been reported out of proportion... A family's problem has been reported to the whole world.... Now even when the couple is trying hard to mend their marriage (heads up to them because reconciliation is a far tougher journey than a divorce route with all the fishbowling by media), the media is even reporting (a) them kissing (what's the problem of a married couple kissing in public) (b) the wife doing mommy duty (what's unusual with a housewife bringing kids to doctor or pre-school)(c)the wife going on a girls night without the husband (what's the fuss of this being news)... May God bless this couple giving them strength, wisdom and peace !


well its tiger and elins business least tiger is really trying to make amends and really wanting his wife and kids back, take a look at baseball man alex rodreguez..he never gave his marriage a chance he just bolted, paid out the wife and sent her and the kids packing, yet he was the one who cheated in the first place....hope elin and tiger have a happy ending.


What's the matter with you ? The gossips and the media make me sick.This is a private matter and you should back off.
Don't forget there are two kids involved in this sordid story.
I wish them all the best as they deserve to be happy like everybody. They are married to each other not the media or the public. What they do in their lives is their business.
Stop your stupid reports !!!!

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