Source: Sandra Bullock to Divorce Jesse James

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Ever since the Jesse James' cheating scandal erupted two weeks ago, Sandra Bullock has been dead silent, prompting fans to wonder if she'll stay or if she'll go.

It's looking like the latter.

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America’s sweetheart has decided to divorce him and already taken steps toward obtaining legal separation, according to sources speaking anonymously today.

We can't independently confirm that's true, but we'd also be surprised if it weren't, with more and more women come forward claiming affairs with Jesse James.

According to a source close to the Oscar winner, "Sandra is humiliated and feels that her entire marriage was one big lie." Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

If Sandra Bullock doesn't leave this loser, we'd be shocked.

Sandra moved out of the home she shares with James and The Blind Side star has been staying out of public as she figure out what she wanted to do about her marriage.

A source close to the situation says that while she is still laying low and has not announced it publicly, Sandra has made the decision to pull the plug on the relationship.

We certainly wouldn't blame her if so.

“She’s had enough,” a source said. “She’s ending the marriage.” Sandra has not been seen in public or commented since the "Michelle Bombshell" dropped 13 days ago.

What do you think she should do?


WTF of course jessy only went with sandra because she is famous and sure he was bored he's only ever had trashy women ...sandra was too good for that creep..send him back to the garbage tip where he belongs and play with all the trash like him...


Sandra, get out of that hell life. You are too good to be treated like that.


Sandra said herse;lf at the Oscars that her mom was worried about her taste in men. The man is a neo nazi wannabe who sleeps with the same--mistress number one and wife number two--and she did not see that as a problem. Red flag Sandy! Now I wonder about her politics as well as her judgment. I don't think she is America's sweetheart because America's sweetheart marries the captain of the football team, not the stoner with tatooes who cuts class.


Move on Sandy you are too classy for him. He will do it again. Its not your fault. He got busted now he is trying to look good. Come on now. Read between the lines, he prob texting a chic from rehab! Its not gonna change, Move on you are not for him He wants to save the marriage because he is good with you and HIS kids. The min you go do another movie, he will be doing the same thing and the worse thing is you will be thinking that! Too many other women to save this fake marriage!


does anyone remember the line in hope floats, the girl claims "daddy wouldn't have left if you'd loved him enough!" and ms bullocks response was " no, he didn't love me enough!" seems to fit here. if james had loved her enough, we wouldn't be hurting for her now. just saying.............


Brad and Angie are not the best example of a hollywood couple, they are the example of what happens when the wife leaves after she finds out and the man goes to his mistress because his wife doesn't want him or has to much self respect to keep him.


Sandra B. lovingly introduced this moron to the glitter of Hollywood and her fans around the world.He went out of his way and broke her heart and shattered her spirit with public humiliation, and embarrassment.After she finishes crying and drying her eyes,I hope that she Never lets this Jughead anywhere near her again.Because she has kept a low profile in recent weeks,
I believe that she has been in deep thought with her personal supporters,and whatever decisions she makes about her marriage will show her inner strength of Not allowing a loser to make a fool of her.This Jughead turned their marriage into a sham,and
Sandra is going to walk away with quiet dignity and self respect!!


"Stupid is as stupid does" said Mrs. Gump.


yooooooooooooooooo.....first nick and jessica, then reese and ryan, now Jesse and Sandy!!!! why is it that brad and angie seem like the best example of a hollywood couple lol


good riddance cheater

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