Teenage Son of Jermaine Jackson Orders Stun Gun Online, Attempts to Taser Blanket

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Poor Blanket. One day, he's being dangled over a balcony by his dad. Then, years later, an older cousin orders a freaking stun gun online to taser the tyke.

Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, ordered a stun gun online, and according to reports, Blanket (a.k.a. Prince Michael Jackson II) was the target.

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Presumably just as a (horribly misguided) prank? We hope?

Randy Jackson initially said that the gun was confiscated by security when it was delivered three weeks ago and locked up by guardian Katherine Jackson.

TMZ reports that children at the Jackson home were playing with the gun last week, however, specifically using the gun on the second floor of the house.

Security guards on the property were perplexed because they couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from ... nor could they identify the sound.

Late last week, we're told one of the security guards went upstairs and "stopped Jermaine's kids from stunning Blanket." The guard confiscated the gun.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services went to the Jackson home in Encino last night, around 10:30, confiscating Jaafar's stun gun.

But sources say the kids have a second gun that DCFS did not recover and is somewhere on the property. DCFS considers this "a very serious situation."

Randy, brother of the late Michael Jackson and Blanket's uncle, says the gun was delivered to the houseĀ  weeks ago, only to be intercepted by security.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, claims that Katherine took control of the gun and locked it up, until DCFS took the gun away on Monday.

DCFS conducted interviews last night at the house with Katherine and some of the kids. Michael Jackson's three kids live with her, as do some cousins.

Both Randy and Streisand insist none of the Jackson children ever got hold of the gun, but TMZ's sources inside the DCFS seem to suggest otherwise.

We can't even think of anything to add to this story. We just hope for Blanket's sake - and everyone's - that the weapon was removed and no one hurt.


An armed robber was kielld by a waiter in a Kill Bill style stabbing during an attempted raid on a Paris sushi restaurant. Thats not a quote, its a characterization. By the media. Just because some yahoo witness spouts off a movie reference doesn't mean its going to get reported unless the reporters think its either accurate, or clever.


AWWWW its michael jacksons son but dont DIEEE


Oh my gosh wat a horrible kid !!! i realy feel sorry for blanket. Oh and i read about the omer bhatti thing. wat i think is that HE IS A RANDOM IDIOT WHO IS EXPLOITING MICHAEL'S POOR KIDS AND ALSO HE IS A HUGE WANNABE ! WHEN WILL THEY KICK HIM OUT OF THE JACKSON FAMILY ???


man i really fell bad for poor blankt he is only a baby i think michaels brother kids.i really fell bad for the poor baby


CommonSense, I think you need to go find some common sense and try using it. If you had proof of MJ molesting anyone then you should have told Tom Sneddon so you could have gotten on the witness stand. If it's just hot air like most of you stupid comments then shut the "H" up. I wouldn't have accepted one dime from someone I thought molested my child, unless money was all I wanted all along. In case you don't remember MJ was found not guilty, even though the deck was stack against him, with the underhanded D.A., the lying family, and the bias media. Still he was found Not Guilty by an all white jury. FBI files release had no proof of MJ doing anything, Evan Chandler blew his brains out for the lies he started.


If want TMZ said happen did happen, then the welfare of MJ's kids is the upmost concern.If it didn't,then the Jacksons are owe an apology, an sincere apology. But we shall see, because I don't like or trust TMZ. I'm waiting for the truth.


I don't know what to say........
Blanket is an angel. I am just going to be so angry if it is all proven true.
I LOVE YOU, BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Faith-


I am so tired of you people B.S. Do you know what really happen or are you getting some hear say, unname source. First I want to say, the way you started off your article was just plain stupid. Michael made a mistake with the balconey incident, but from then till his death you have not heard anything but Michael being a good father to Blanket. You people are doing the same thing to Michael now that you did when he was alive. Any chance you can get to take a cheap shot at Michael. As for as the stun gun goes, Mrs. Jackson lawyer said Blanket was not a target for anyone. He was not in any harm. I wasn't there so I don't know,but I choose to let the DCFS people investigate to see what indeed happen, instead of believing TMZ. If this 13 year old had these guns, then it's time for Jermaine to stay home and straighten this out with his son. But I will wait and see before believing all the B.S. that people like you guys can put out.


WTF!!!! the poor kid(Blanket) was probably being tasered by his older cousin and you guys are just talking a dissing micheal ???????????????


Was it a stun gun or a TASER? They are NOT the same thing. A TASER deploys darts to stun and also can stun with direct contact without the darts. A stun gun can only stun with direct contact.
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