Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox Lead Ladies Night on American Idol

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It turns out the male favorite and the female favorite on American Idol have something in common: an electric guitar.

Last week, Casey James rocked out with this instrument. Last night, similarly, Crystal Bowersox broke it out and, once again, put on the best performance of the evening.

But Siobhan Magnus stepped up and sent a message to Crystal: Not so fast! My unique look and sound, combined with confidence and a great voice, will make this a two-woman race!

Below, we rank the most recent performances by the ladies and ask readers to name their favorite...

  1. Crystal Bowersox: We hate to sound like Kara, but Crystal knows exactly who she is as an artist. She strums along and turns hit songs into her own creations.
  2. Siobhan Magnus: Different from Crystal in that we have no idea what to expect each week, but similar in terms of her stage presence and comfort in her ability.
  3. Didi Benami: Our favorite after the Hollywood rounds. Finally put on a performance worthy of the finals.
  4. Lilly Scott: Yes, it would be nice to hear a modern single from Scott. But she still stands out for her look and her sound.
  5. Katelyn Epperly: The earth didn't move under our feet from this somewhat cheesy rendition. But we'll be shocked, and sad, if she doesn't move on.
  6. Katie Stevens: Why are the judges so focused on Katie's age? All their critiques focus on the fact that she's 17. Relax and just listen to her sing, please.
  7. Lacey Brown: Better than the previous two weeks, but also forgettable. Can we get rid of her now?
  8. Paige Miles: Solid voice, boring performances. The most likely to be eliminated this week.

Who was your favorite? Who would you send home?

Katie on Stage
Solid Scott
Going Electric
Paige Miles Image
Go, Didi!
On the Keyboard
Lacey Brown Performance Pic
Siobhan Pic

Siobhan's performances: Refreshing as a coasting sea breeze on one side and pack the energy and verve of a California forest and brush fire on the other side. Her voice and what she does with it (turn on a dime, fast ride, slide , glide, croon, crack like a country singer, soothe, master the emotions) is supreme. From ballads to be-bop, blues to boogie, rock to pop..she is Tops! All this and she looks good, sparkling personalty, fearless, scads of stage Presence. A Singer of Songs! ..Robert


Siobhan is absolutely the best out of all the girls. I agree crystal knows who she is and has a great voice.....but she is a one type of song girl. I can't imagine her singing anything different and it sounding good. Maybe she will prove me wrong but Siobhan has the range, the power vocals, that NOTE!!, and she is different every time. A true performer!


Team Siobhan! Crystal sounds... the same each week. Siobhan is the only reason why I keep watching AI9 again and again. She leaves me wondering what she'll start singing next week. Has anyone noticed? She'll sing a bomb of a song, then she'll sing a moody song, then sing another jaw dropping one the next week. So if she sang a slower song this week, i can't wait for the next atom bomb she hits us with next!


Siobhan should sing, DEFYING GRAVITY from GLEE! she would blow simon off!!!!! SHOW YOUR VOCALS!! PLEASE


Siobhan stands out for her originality. The others have good vocals too but bore me with their predictability. Siobhan is the best all around performer and has an amazing vocal range that I have yet to hear from the others.


siobhan is the best! i looooooove her! crystal is amazing as well, but i would like to hear her do something different now.


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