Siobhan Magnus: American Idol Female of the Week

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While Crystal Bowersox broke out the electric guitar last night and put on an incredible show once again, we highlighted her American Idol performance last week.

Therefore, Siobhan Magnus gets the honor this time. The glassblowing apprentice from Cape Cod, Massachuetts sang an entire verse of "House of the Rising Sun" a cappella, remaining in control throughout.

It was a brave, impressive rendition. Crystal might not have the women's crown sewn up, after all. Watch and enjoy:


Simon didn't even make any comment on the vocals. Instead, he pointed out the "weirdness" of her outfit and the fact the song is dark and boring. I know why he did. Because vocally, he couldn't fault Siobhan's performance. Plus, he said virtually the same thing about "Wicked Game." It's obvious, he doesn't like it when Siobhan does slow songs. Personally, I think Siobhan did a brave and smart thing with "House of the Rising Sun." The song best showed off her tone, range and pitch control.


I think that was possibly the very best semi-finalist performance in 9 years.


Simon's tone deaf cuz he's getting ooooold. Siobhan's performance was the best.


I am beginning to think that Simon is tone deaf. I agree with you this was a simply amazing performance.

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