Siobhan Magnus: American Idol Female of the Week

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While Crystal Bowersox broke out the electric guitar last night and put on an incredible show once again, we highlighted her American Idol performance last week.

Therefore, Siobhan Magnus gets the honor this time. The glassblowing apprentice from Cape Cod, Massachuetts sang an entire verse of "House of the Rising Sun" a cappella, remaining in control throughout.

It was a brave, impressive rendition. Crystal might not have the women's crown sewn up, after all. Watch and enjoy:

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Siobhan please sing « love is all» (yanni/johnson)It will convince fans and Judges that you are by far number one....


Shioban is the most composed among the contestant. she can built tension and heights. her climax is always the best. she can be dark and brooding while staying sweet and dramatic. i just cant get over with the performance. she's like reinventing her self every week. whomever is helping with her personality is a genius. after all this, she could even start a new genre in music. and i know it's just her beginning. i just hope she could sustain that drama and personality til she win.


YOur last performance was awsome...and had a great self confidence...keep that up...Good Luck


Shioban, got me after Wicked Game, She captivated me with her voice N performance. She will really go far beyond AI


The chill factor!!! She got my vote from the beginning. Voice and personality the best...actually loveable.. way better than one-dimensional Bowersox. Listen again, Simon. Listen better. Yay Siobhan! Go girl!


I agree. I really like her. She is my favorite. She's also beautiful. I think Simon is trying to fix it again. He did that in the beginning of most years. Later he eats his words. He finds that who he didn't think would suit the program or whatever, actually won. Carrie Underwood he liked but she was a shoo in when they first heard her audition. Even her cows were on display. Simon doesn't know where to place her, because she can sing different genres. She could do beautiful country pop like Carrie and Taylor.


Siobhan, has more than just a great voice!!!, She truly does have a captivating stage prescence. I really wanna see her tour, or at least break away and get inolved proff in music.


I agree completely with Trish. Crystal is good (and totally one-dimensional) but Siobhan is the best contestant they've ever had on this show. I find her singing hypnotic. I also can't wait for Cowell to leave the show. His criticisms are meaningless and all over the map - and they usually have more to do with his trying to get a reaction out of the audience than to address the contestant's performance. He's a "self-indulgent" creep and I hope is show is a miserable failure and he scurries back to England.


If Siobohn sounds this good live on T.V, can you imagine what she would sound like on a C.D. She is the best contestant this show has ever had....... Oh and I am glad Simon is leaving. Good ridence! He's and adult Bully!


i love how SM sings. as ellen said she's captivating - she always expresses what the song is about that you're moved by it. simon needs to get over the fact that SM is "weird"; he's been noting it for the past 3 weeks...