Should Elin Woods Move Back in with Tiger?

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Will Tiger Woods' wife move back in with him?

After three months of estrangement, some sources say Elin Woods has finally agreed to resume living at home with her cheating jackass husband.

Vintage Elin Nordegren

Whether or not that's actually true? Unclear.

But without a doubt, it’s a burning question, given the lengths the golfer is going to in order to save a marriage he selfishly desecrated for so long.

Elin Woods has been renting a house about a mile from the mansion they previously shared since those pesky 12 Tiger Woods mistresses emerged.

WEDDED BLISS: Will things go back to normal for the Woods'?

She has refused to move home despite two previous overtures from Tiger. But on Wednesday, Elin and Tiger did spend approximately three hours together there.

That alone shows how far the couple has come from Thanksgiving, when Elin Woods discovered he was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel and went off on him.

Since his bizarre double life was exposed, Tiger has spent approximately six weeks in rehab at Hattiesburg, Miss., and later received more therapy in Arizona.

Will it be enough? Can she ever forgive him? If she does, is she doing the right thing by doing so? Or would the best move have been to leave him long before?

Tell us: Elin Woods should ...


Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods' saving grace!!! Tiger said that Elin deserves praise and I wholeheartedly agreed. Elin is doing what no other woman would have done under similar circumstances, giving Tiger another chance to put his life back together. Everyone knows that Elin is crucial for Tiger's recovery, his comeback and his acceptance by the public. Only time will tell if Tiger will change. I hope he does because he has caused his family enough pain and suffering already. I wish them all the best.


No, let the y t bee chic go.


As I can see Elin is very good person I hope she will not listen this blood suckers and she will move back with Tiger.
I think he will be good husband and father.


she should move back in with him , he could NOW be the husband and father he should have been to start. you people that say no are single and dont know what you are talking about. this is about family, and i know he has it in him to do right. those other woman cant hold a candle to Elin or his kids let that be a lesson to other home reckers.


I just hope that this couple keeps the opinions of the media and the public out of their decisions concerning this marriage. Yes folks it is a marriage and when they stood before God and promised to love each other for better or worse, that should have been what they meant. It is funny how when the better is in place it's all good, but when "worse" shows up we are ready to run. I am not condonning Tigers actions by any means, he was dead wrong. But our actions do not make "us". People, it is possible to make mistakes, very huge mistakes...come on which of us haven't. Tiger is being called a cheating Jackass, but he is still Elin's husband, she is still the Jackasses wife, and they have a family. This country is so full of broken famililes and consequently destroyed children because the parents can only think of themselves. I think Elin is a very smart, classy lady and I hope that she will use her head concerning her marriage. In the mean time pray for them and their children.


It is almost funny to know that we all are talking about a person
named TIGER!!!


I continue to appreciate the thought provoking opinions of my
"Barber Shop"co-writers.To bring in another analogy,years ago when
Kathy Lee and Frank Gifford were on the brinks of divorce,from her own words,it was not so much that she was forgiving him, but she was forgiving her children's father.As much as we respect each other's opionions( and there are many)we have to be reminded of the fact that there are two very young toddlers in this marriage,Tiger has disrespected his family,but on the other side of that coin,we all still have to be very careful about the next person that come into our lives when it comes to our children.Make
no mistake,a step-parent or new person that is around your children may not be the ideal person to have close association with them,knowing that they are from a previous marriage.Mrs. Woods has the luxury of time,and financial means to weigh out her decisions on this important matter.


Tiger doesn't deserve to be married. Elin has zero self confidence if she takes the high road and says that she is staying with Tiger for the kids.
Over 65 percent of married Americans divorce so trying to save the marriage isn't that necessary this day in age.
Elin will set a bad example for all women if she goes back to the man that cheated on her not once or even twice but at least 14 times.


According to the photo,Tiger is looking at Mrs. Woods through tear-filled eyes,she is looking at him through "dark"sunglasses.
She is trying to be supportive because he is her husband, but she
will not be rushed into letting this "womanizer"come back home.
Tiger's always had a "carefree"life, full of glory and praise,and when he messed up,he messed up Big Time.This is probably one of the few times in his adult life that someone has said no to him,and the longer that Mrs. Woods is not available to him, the more he will "Learn"to appreciate what he had with her.For her young years, she is smart enough to value herself as a person,and she is not worried about losing him in the process.Because of their young "cubs"she is reasonable,but not foolish enough to give him back the power that he "thought"he had over their marriage,that he taken for granted.Elin is not a fragile flower,but a woman of true grit and character,and she has shown her inner strength to all of us.


Don't people get sick and tired of hounding the couple to see if they are still living apart or living together ? Pls...even if they are living apart doesn;t mean they don't have physical relationship...On the contary, even if they live in same roof does not mean they have a physical relationship... Let them sort things out either remain or not remain in marriage... I think people are more interested to see how Tiger Woods come back in sports because people just love the story of heroic comeback of once-a-bad-guy...

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