Shane Sparks Pleads Not Guilty in Molestation Case

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So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew judge Shane Sparks officially entered a not guilty plea to eight counts of child molestation today.

He was arrested back in mid-December for allegedly performing several lewd acts on an then-underage female over a span of several years, beginning in 1994.

A decade and a half later, Shane Sparks faces child molestation claims? It sounds suspect, to say the very least. His accuser has not yet been publicly named.

Sparks is due back in court on April 20. His lawyer has called the case a "Hollywood style extortion" attempt and says his client will be completely vindicated.

Shane Sparks Mug Shot

SAD SHANE: Sparks joined our esteemed gallery of celebrity mug shots late last year, but will the charges against the dancing machine stick? We'll find out soon enough.


Just to follow up with my previous comment, (didn't spell check) big deal. Karmen Electra and Shane did in fact split over 20 years ago. Also, I do not agree with child molestation by no means. I just find it hard to believe that my old friend Shane Sparks would be capable of such acts.


Hanging out with Shane Sparks, and at that time girlfriend Tara, (Karmen Electra) at teen clubs. The malls and etc. He and I would practice at the studio I assitant taught at. Shane was always a very kind friend. Tara also, was very nice and the never thought that they were better than anyone. Northren KY is a wonderful place. My observation of Shane was that he always, always, always, respected all people. Ecspecially females. I'm not saying that I know what transpired in Hollywood. Mybe my friendship, true friendship, is in complete disbief that he would be capable of such things. Please, remember that posting, as if he is guilty, then having to prove his innoccence is bullshit. The system is suppose to be innoccent until proven guilty!!! To my old friend I wish you the best and most positive out come and that this is just some celebrity witch hunt.


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