Sean Penn to Critics: Please Get Rectal Cancer!

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Sean Penn can relate to Angelina Jolie.

Both are A-list celebrities and Oscar winners. Both have also gotten deeply involved in humanitarian causes, and yet somehow face criticism for doing so.

In January, the actor brought 11 doctors to Haiti, helping to establish a private relief organization for the earthquake-ravaged nation.

But many cynics out there have argued that Penn ought to avoid such endeavors because they think he's doing it solely for positive PR. Moreover, they find it hypocritical for a star to complain about an injustice... and then return to his mansion.

To these critics, in an interview with CBS News’ Sunday Morning, Penn said:

"I haven't had an awful lot of time to pay attention to them. You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah. You know, but I'm not going to spend a lot of energy on it."

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We love the response.

Why? We wrote a similar defense of Jolie last month, but look: even if you wish to believe that these stars take part in charitable causes simply because it makes them look good (and you have zero evidence to back this up; it's solely a decision to be cynical)... who cares?!?

They still are donating their time and their money. The homeless in Haiti are still better off for their efforts. Aren't these results the most important thing?

In an age in which Snooki and Kim Kardashian are worshiped just because they have big breasts and appear on TV, it's nice to see Penn, Jolie and others actually do something positive with their celebrity. They don't just spout talking points and hollow cliches (hi, Sarah Palin). They take action.

If you choose to attach a hidden agenda to these actions, we don't hope you die from cancer. But we do pity you.


Oh but we do care. Sure, we come here for mindless gossip and it often makes us cringe. But that doesn't mean THG doesn't have the right to call it like it is. They usually do, though I often don't agree with the classless way they spout it. That said, this is completely spot on and I agree with the fourth poster who said it would be awesome if TGH were like this all the time.


THG---on articles like this,I like the Hell out of Ya'! Why can't you be more like this ALL the time?! THIS is what it's ALL about! Do you see how ridiculous it is to slam on people when they're doing good things?? Way to stand-up for both Jolie and Penn...IF they were only doing it for the reasons the cynics(assbites)say(and I don't believe it for a second)then the obvious is that people who need-it are STILL getting help sooooo---what's the problem? Huh?? Great Job(Here)THG...Though I'm still going to have to work on you about the Miley Bashing,Ha,ha! Best of Luck to both Jolie and Penn--Great Job,Guys!! Later;Hollywood--OUT!


Sean Penn has never been a publicity hound. He lives quietly and gives few interviews.He was one of the first entertainers volunteering to help during Katrina.He already has two Oscars so he does not need publicity,one reason being he has absolutely nothing to prove,and does not look for approval.So often a person who has a( well known) Name has a Voice when things really need to get done. As proven in this case,the Doers don't talk, and the Talkers usually don't do!!


110% agree with you. Yes Sean Penn has anger issues, yes Angelina Jolie broke up a troubled marriage but that's not who their entirety is. It's become such a cynical society that we have to tear down the good that people are doing but yet celebrate the nothingness of today's "celebrities" such as Snooki and Kardashian.


Note to THG - Stop your "holier than thou" attitude! At the end of the day -you guys are a celebrity gossip site.Nothing better.So stop pretending to give your opinions-Because NOONE CARES!!!