Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show: Crib Notes, One-Liners & Odd Explanations

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At least Sarah Palin can laugh at herself sometimes.

In The Tonight Show's opening bit Tuesday, the former Alaska governor and current media celebrity told Jay Leno "we're going old school tonight," pointing to the words "Good evening and welcome to the Tonight Show" printed on her hand.

Calling it "the poor man's teleprompter," it was a funny jab at herself being caught with talking points written on her hand during a recent speech.

Check out Palin's Tonight Show crib notes intro, along with her taking a couple of stabs at Leno-esque monologue jokes in the video below ...

Palin also addressed the whole Family Guy thing yet again.

"What I would desire is more opportunity to follow up on a comment that perhaps I've made," she said, implying she does not get enough media coverage.

"Jay, you've gone through this, too, especially in the last few months," Palin continued as Leno feigned disagreement. "It's like that old saying, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on in the morning."


Leno also asked Palin about the possibility of abandoning politics for her own talk show one day. "I hear once in awhile this comes open," she quipped.

Follow the jump for another clip of Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show:

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As a Canadian we would be honored to have her. Not so much the bondwoolies of the world.


I have a disabled daughter and I have devoted my life and time to her - as a mother of a special needs child should. Care takers you hire are just not the same as a mother's devotion. Sarah Palin should put family first as she says she does. Also she should have kept some of her campaign clothes. She is not young enough to pull off that outfit. As for her book - I have several really rich republican relatives that purchased over a thousand of her crummy books just because she bashes Democrats. I imagine alot of republicans did just that - I did read the book - (got one for my b-day)it was not that good - pretty lame. As far as her not releasing her grades - she would if the grades were decent. I have had to watch Adam Lambert's video singing Sleepwalker all day to erase the few minutes I watched to make sure I did not miss Adam. He is 1,000 times prettier. Jay got a note his hair looked bad -Palin needed a Billboard to tdetail how bad her rat's nest looked.


The only thing I want to read about Sarah Palin, is her obituary.


$arah is like a cartoon cow or something, maybe a right wing robot...SUZANNE STONE from TO DIE FOR, $arah is JUST a knumbskull.


@Mary. "Mein Kampf" has outsold Ted, Barrack, AND Sarah combined. Don't think that equals appeal.


Actually like Palin not for President however she has some good ideas! Lots of other people must too for her book to out sell Ted Kennedy and Obama.

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