Sandra Bullock: Married to a Cheating Monster!

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By now, you've probably heard that Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James cheated on her. But is the trashy Michelle McGee not the only Jesse James mistress?

That's the conclusion of Us Weekly, who cites a source claiming McGee is "just the first person who has gone public," and that "this is not an isolated incident."

His rationale? "When Sandra is away, he gets bored." Makes sense.

The report says James' infidelity has been an open secret at his West Coast Choppers bike shop in Long Beach, Calif.: "Everybody knew," one source states.

Looks like Michelle McGee was just his type, too. One employee says James would post Internet ads looking for "hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs."

Sandra is shattered by Jesse cheating on her. More than once, possibly.

Adds another source, "He sees their photos, answers the ads and invites the girls to his office." That's pretty much how McGee described meeting (and doing) him.

How could Bullock be in the dark about her husband of nearly five years? "He is a whole other person when they're together," says a source. Elin Woods can relate.

Adds an insider, "She was completely duped."

While reports on whether a Jesse James-Sandra Bullock split is imminent are, well, split, it certainly doesn't look good. Not only is he a cheater, he may be a Nazi.

Other tabloids reports devoted to the topic today include In Touch's similar effort ("It's Worse Than She Knows!"), People's let's-attempt-to-seem-classy approach ("Inside Sandra's Heartbreak"), and Star's complete crap ("Sandra Was Pregnant!").

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Sandra Bullock Pregnant?

My heart is heavy for Sandra. I never got the Jesse atraction..but then I heard him on Howard Stern talk of his deep love for Sandra. Then at the award shows I could see her deep love as well. I had decided they were really cute together. My romantic nature kicked in..silly me..Even after the Nazi Ho, it did not occur to me that there were others. Jesse, you are a big fat nothing. The only real judge of who a person is, is what they do when they think no one is watching. You are a lousy Dad, selfish man and a cheater..I think you are white trash. I have always enjoyed Sandra's movies..While you were sleeping is one of my fav's. I like Sandra's face...Girlfriend this will hurt like hell..but you will survive. He is not important enough to ruin your life. The best revenge is living well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dear Sandra: My heart goes out to you. Once trust is damaged, you can never get it back. My ex- deceived me and I thought we could work it out. Later, I discovered the key to present behavior, is past behavior. You are a brilliant actress and one of few who cares about others. Jesse will be dealth with one day, sooner or later. Hold your head up; you have nothing for which you should be ashamed. My prayers are with you (and Jesse also). Women are so trusting and men don't think trust is important.


Sandra: My sincere feelings for what you are going through.


Directly for Sandra... I have been absolutely shattered since I read of all that is going on in your personal life. I cannot tell you how badly I feel, you going through such a public affair.
I have been so happy for you this past 6 mons. Knowing Jesse has been so good to you and for you.. that he has your back all the time.. what a wonderful man he must be for you to care so much for him! The OSCARS.. was beautiful! You were so blissful and your words of love and admiration for Jesse traveled from you to him ... was wonderful to see..
THEN to read all this horrible stuff about HIM... I felt your pain.. and still do. This has shook me up more than if it were someone I knew personally.
I can only say this Sandra... please keep your calm... this will one day be behind you!... Thinking of you as you go through this ... xxoo Sally


Men cheat when they think they could get away with it. And these women are out there for him to cheat with. I do feel bad for Sandra who completely trusted him and loved him. But I see no way she'll want to make this marriage work. Infidelity... it's hard to trust someone once they go that route. Be strong, and move on.


leave them both alone!! yes he did wrong but we can not jugde or tell grown ups what too do. Everyone has some things to be sorry for but just hasnt got Caught yet. Sandra please you two alone work it out


Jesse James is the SCUM of this EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with an incredible woman like Sandra how do you cheat on her? and with these FUGLY trashy women. I hope Karma gets him real good he deserves nothing!! Sandra is going to be fine he is going to lose his kids and everything bc he is DUMB!



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