Sandra Bullock: Moved Out and Living Alone; Laying Low Amid Jesse James Cheating Scandal

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While Jesse James mistresses continue to come out of the woodwork, scorned Sandra Bullock has been living in her Hollywood Hills home - alone - for a week.

That's just a few miles from the house she shared with her husband, and the newly-crowned Oscar winner has gone to great lengths to stay on the down low.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Picture

Wednesday, Sandra left the Hollywood Hills house she's living in now (and lived in before marrying Jesse), taking precautions before heading to ... the garage.

Two of her assistants held up a tarp to block any shot from cameras.

Somebody appears quite serious about her privacy right now, and given the things her jackass husband is accused of, it's pretty much impossible to blame her.

Leave him, Sandra. Don't pull an Elin.

Sandra has rarely left, although various people have come in and out. She has not been back to the Orange County house where Jesse lives since moving out.

According to sources, Sandra has no plans to return there unless he's gone, either. Although he released a vague apology, that apparently hasn't been enough.

There are rumors circulating that Bullock has met with divorce lawyers, though her rep has shot those down. You wonder if it's only a matter of time, however.

While she has not commented at all publicly, it looks like she's sending a very clear message to James. Similar to the one Michelle McGee sent to the haters.

Sandra Bullock should ...


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jesse you are the man.


She is proving to be the class act, we thought she was!!! Good Going, Sandra. You are the best and you deserve the best.


She is proving to be the class act, we thought she was!!! Good Going, Sandra. You are the best and you deserve the best.


Sarno - you really have to be kidding. Maybe once you could forgive but not for about 4 years all told. Besides, I always say, forgiveness is up to God and since I am not God, I really don't see the need. If you honestly think that Jesse, [who didn't actually want Sandra to do the nude scene in movie and went constantly to the set, per Betty White, as it was being filmed because he has a big jealous streak about Sandy] would have forgiven her this many affairs, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.


Thank God they had a pre nup as Sandra is worth [according to Forbes] almost twice as much as Jesse. Of course Jesse doesn't need much as he doesn't seem to spend all that much on his whores. Free sex texts, layed on his office couch, a few cheap T shirts, even the trip to the QEII was paid for by #1 slut at the convention she was at -- absolutely no dining at good up scale places, no wine, gifts, weekends away to a resort. Just months of sex text and the a few weeks of actual sex on a couch in a skanky office [we all saw on TV]. They were all treated the same -- cheaply -- because that is what they all were cheap sluts. At least he took Sandra to Hawaii and nice places while they were dating. Like I stated before, listen to the entire Howard Stern Tape [about 21 minutes] quite an eye opener.


Looks like Sandy didn't really love Jesse all that much since she flipped on him immediately. Whatever happened to forgiveness? If Sandy had been caught in one of her affairs assuming she had any Jesse would have forgave her.


and mushy


Sorry honey, sorry I signed a pre-nup.


Feel sorry that Sandra's problems are being held in public but that can't be helped as she is a star and works in movie industry. Jesse, on the other hand, will never suffer with all the news of his mistresses. He likes the "bad boy" immage and now many more fake boob whores will line up to be placed on Jesse's couch in his office. He will have it made for life and any sex texting that he does will make big bucks for his latest slut. Of course, once Sandra divorces him, who will really care what he does to whoever! Often wonder, deep down, if Jesse actually had any true feeling for Sandra. He told second wife after two weeks of marriage that he made a mistake. Shame Apparently Sandra just was crazy about him and trusted him. Shame that wonderful emotion was wasted on Jesse James.