Rumored Couple Alert: Dane Cook & Julianne Hough?

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In news that makes us long for the Chick Wicks era, Julianne Hough had dinner with none other than Dane Cook at Hollywood's Katsuya sushi restaurant Saturday.

The raunchy funnyman and the country cutie, who arrived seperately, left the celeb hot spot eatery in Dane's car, possibly continuing their night elsewhere.

We don't even wanna think about that.

Julianne was previously linked to Jared Followill since her split from Wicks. Guess that never panned out. Now she's back on the market ... or at least she was.

If these two are dating, do you think it's a good match or one you can't possibly see working? Is Dane Cook a step down or a huge step down for the dancer?

Dane Cook and Julianne Hough

This is just wrong. [Photo:]


Dane is a major step up for the sleep with whoever gets me in there Julianne Hough--or can we say hoe? She only gets in bed with opportunities and Dane should definitely take this opportunity to take advantage of the methods of Tank==:)


wow she gets around. hmm not the good way. eww Dane you can do better! this girl? hmm this is the type of girl he would probably make fun of and turn the other way, Dane a sleaze haha barley.


I hope not, he's almost 40 and she's only 21! I loved her with Apolo and they do communicate all the time on twitter. I hope she's just friends with Dane!


I thought she was hooking up with Apolo Ohno? She calls him sweetheart and babe, and he says he misses her and she misses's so obvious on their twitter accounts!


If Julianne Hough were to be seen leaving an eatery with little green men she would be front page news the following week having had a green baby! The poor girl is linked to any man who she looks at! Cut her some slack!!!


They are currently working on a film. Per her Tweeter account, they only have 2 days left of shooting. Perhaps there were others there that we didn't see in the pics. The guy is in his 40's so I don't see her going for him, at least I hope not.


i hardly think these two are dating...shes a goody goody and he's a sleaze...
i think she's smarter than jessica simpson and won't risk her reputation with this guy... judging from their common level of celebrity...i would say they are going to play love interests in a film. they are probably meeting because they are going to be working together...

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