Rielle Hunter "Repulsed" By Rielle Hunter GQ Pics

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Rielle Hunter "cried for two hours" after seeing those "repulsive" photos of herself in GQ. Pictures she posed and removed her pants for very much willingly.

Just the same, the baby mama of disgraced politician John Edwards is apparently not pleased with several suggestive photographs in the magazine spread.

Oh, boo freaking hoo, Rielle.

First, you took off your own damn pants. Second, you're the third party in a huge sex scandal in which a politician cheated on his terminally ill wife with you.

In short, just shut the hell up.

Rielle Hunter, No Pants

How dare GQ print Rielle Hunter pics Rielle Hunter posed for?!?

On The View this morning, co-host Barbara Walters said she had already spoken to Hunter, who trusted photographer Mark Seliger to take "classy photos."

That's not entirely how it played out.

What transpired were Rielle Hunter pictures showing her in no pants, a button-down shirt, posing provocatively in pearls on a bed full of stuffed animals.

Quite racy. And weird.

Walters quoted her saying that she "went with the flow" during the GQ photo shoot, which also showed her holding John Edwards love child Frances Quinn.

When asked about the current state of her relationship with Edwards, Hunter reportedly replied, "We are co-parents and have a very loving relationship."

Rielle Hunter and Daughter

Rielle Hunter bares her belly. Her soul? Long gone.

Hunter says she's still in love with "Johnny" and believes he loves her. She saidthat his marriage was "toxic," and that he feared "the wrath of Elizabeth."

The weird videographer also confirms her first words to Edwards were, "You're so hot." He's a Casanova, that guy. They met in his room that very night.

No word on when they made the John Edwards sex tape. Word has it she was pregnant at the time, which pretty much ups the grossness factor tenfold.


I think it is a total disgrace.. the man's wife is sick. What he did to her is horrible.. and now this ugg mugg is making money off of it. Shut up.. you slept with a married man.. who needs a butt kicking.. Now lets humiliate the wife.. typical story.. no luck or blessing here. Personally he is a nut Elizabeth should be glad she left him and his .. i won't even say the word


She needs to suckon this 8======D


I don't believe Hunter's spin at all, that Johnny was afraid of Elizabeth. I think Johnny is a real wuss to begin with. And I do not believe for one minute that Hunter was the only time Johnny cheated. It was the only time Johnny got caught. He was probably just like Tiger, the only reason his ladyfriends haven't come forward is because they don't want the world to know they stooped that low.


is she seriously worried these pics make her look bad? i thought she has "looked bad" every since she climbed in bed with a married man, had his child,added to that she is now blaming his wife for it all! wonder how much of the money she had spent on her,and if she feels that it was a personal slush fund for her and "johnny boy"? !


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