Rielle Hunter Knew All About Sexy Photos, GQ Says

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Rielle Hunter's GQ photo spread, which John Edwards' mistress was supposedly so repulsed by, was done with her full knowledge and consent, the magazine says.

The weird videographer claimed, following the release of the feature story on her, that she thought it would only include head shots, not sexy, body-baring pics.

GQ is calling BS on that statement.

"Rielle is a smart woman. She knows exactly what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot," said GQ reporter Lisa DePaulo on Good Morning America.

What she wore? Not a lot! The magazine's Rielle Hunter pictures show her wearing only a man's button down white shirt, a string of pearls and panties. Revolting.

Rielle Hunter in GQ

How dare GQ con Rielle Hunter into posing like this?!

In some of the pics she is posed on a bed with stuffed animals piled around her, panties peeking out. You don't end up there with no pants on by mistake, Rielle.

Just the same, a tearful Hunter told ABC News' Barbara Walters she was repulsed by seeing the sexy photo shoot and thought "all but one would be headshots."

But GQ released a video of the shoot to defend itself, and at one point a videographer asks Hunter, "You want to take a look at this?" She does. Approvingly.

So in conclusion, we can state two things with full confidence:

  1. Rielle Hunter has no credibility, although that's not shocking from a woman who slept with a married man and helped conceal their love child together.
  2. Somewhere, John Edwards is loving these pictures.

Dried up horse meat. Worse than a truck stop hooker.


That woman is a sociopath. I cannot believe people will want to be famous at such cost to her dignity and her child's well being. She can take her pantless photo anywhere, but in a bed that is purposefully made to be like the daughter's bed, that's appalling. She is way over her head. But I am afraid this will not be the last time we see her sinking even lower to sell herself.


Does this slut ever get out of bed and put pants on? Pleez!


This woman's initial claim to fame was as a Videographer. With that one fact in mind,you are in your own professional element while filming and being filmed.No excuses,no explainations, and no regrets for being featured in a well known magazine.There has been a long history of women's fast climb uphill, and even faster fall back down to earth, when involved with men associated with The Presidency.When a woman other than his wife,momentarily grab his interest,it becomes news,and your personal life is no longer private unless you quietly go away.With this latest bombshell, there seems to be no end in sight to the sensationalism that surrounds you,and your attachedment to John Edwards' name.I will not minimize how he probably feel about his youngest child, but I can easily believe that after this latest "revelation" in GQ, the
Love of his life,Elizabeth is beginning to look better and better,
and Rielle Homewrecker is becoming less and less attractive.PEACE!


As a mother...she repulses me! How humiliating for that poor little girl when she grows up "already knowing her Mommy is a WHORE" then to have photos AND Porn! Luckily "SHE wasn't in a marriage herself & didn't have other children." Who can love a mother who has a child under those circumstanses? Not ME! She's a SLUTTY TRAMP! Then to top it off she's "blaming GQ!" They didn't put a gun to her head "although someone needs to!" Just like no one did "when she was Home Wrecking AND Making Porn with a Married Moron! Karma is a BITCH and SO IS ShE! She ought to be ashamed of herself!


GQ magazine gave Rielle Hunter the opportunity to be humble and contrite but she took the opportunity to show her true self, ridiculous pant less pictures and babbling interview and all. The whole GQ article and pictures revealed who the likes of Rielle Hunter really is and it is essentially a cautionary tale to a foolish man.


She posed for the pics, you idiots....OF COURSE SHE KNEW ABOUT THEM.....nobody else is reporting about this, because it isn't news....you are just stating the obvious....dumb, really really dumb


we're repulsed too Rielle, it's cool


And isn't item number 2 the point? She did the photos for her Johnny. Guess she didn't think how they would play publicly, that Andrew Young will use them in her suit against him claiming invasion of privacy (since she invaded her own privacy and he never released the sex tape) and Elizabeth can the article and photos as leverage in her divorce to take Johnny to the cleaners. Hunter said in the interview she would love John if he worked in a gas station. Will she love him if he has no job (his current state) and no money (his future state)?


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