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There is nothing wrong with posing for pictures in GQ,but when you are involved in one of biggest marital/sex scandals in years,one would think that you would down play that image,not reinforce it.


Again, I will ask the question,is there anything sacred anymore?? As if we didn't Think that we knew more about Rielle Hunter than we needed to know. Now,it is show and tell time.She is showing more than the rest of us need to see, and telling more than we need to know.I did not care for her when she said nothing,and now that she has gone public flaunting and teasing with her assess(her daughter)and her liabilities(her bedroom poses)and her bashing of Elizabeth,she should take the $18,00.00
a month that includes child support and remain quiet.John and Elizabeth's own children probably receive jelly beans for allowance in comparison to what this woman who continues to disrespect Elizabeth, receive for this 2 year old child.I am not going to minimize the importance of his youngest daughter, but I still believe in addition to John's famous haircuts,he would love to have the "genuine" relationship that was his family with Elizabeth.


I would like to nominate this woman for the Hellion's "Skank of the Year" award.

Other nominees include: all of Tiger's mistress's, the women of Jersey Shore and of course "five time winner" Lindsay Lohan.

I would also like to nominate John Edwards for Hellion's "Pud of the Year"

Other nominees include: Tiger Woods, John Gosselin, Chris Brown and of course "ten time winner" Charlie Sheen.


so basically she thinks men think with their c0cks and thats fine no matter who they cheat on their wives with and get pregnant. what a disgraceful individual. shame on gq.

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