Report: Gosselin Kids "Depressed" By Kate's Dancing with the Stars Appearance

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Kate Gosselin has officially gone Hollywood.

Eight kids in Wernersville, Pa., don't like that one bit. Why can't a mom have fun, Kate Gosselin asks in People magazine. Um, because you have eight freaking kids.

Not even three months after Kate and Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized, their twins, 9, and sextuplets, 5, are struggling with even more upheaval.

Despite the makeshift studio they installed in her house, Dancing with the Stars still requires that Kate, its new cast member, be in L.A. at least three days a week.

The children are taking it hard. Minded by five nannies in her absence, the "depressed" kids "were asking, 'When is Mommy coming home?'" an insider reported.

Kate Gosselin Cleavage

In fact, as she trained and promoted her Dancing with the Stars stint (debuting March 22), Kate spent February 21-March 5 away from the kids.

Two days a week? Hardly.

Twins Cara and Maddy "seem depressed when Kate isn't around," another source says. Five-year old Aaden, Collin and Joel, meanwhile, "got into trouble at school."

It's a disturbing pattern, but their mom, who "wants to be a huge star," justifies her "work" with a surprising comparison - that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do it!

"She frequently says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them," a family insider said.

Don't the kids usually go with Brangelina, though? Just wondering. And where's Jon Gosselin? Morgan Christie can't part with his two-inch package a few times a week?


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I feel that kate is doing what she needs to to provide for the eight kids. I do miss the shoe I watched it all the time. Yes, at times I feel kate was very hard and condisending to John, but having that many kids at a young age, is bound to put a strain on any relationship. I admire cat for doing "Dancing with the stars", I look forward to watching her. I am sure that the kids do miss her, but I think they will think it's neat to see mommy on T.V and not in the lime light she was used to. As far as the kids getting into trouble at school, what normal kid has NOT gotten in trouble at some point. They are kids for Christ sake let it go.


Gossip is gossip. Take most words with a grain of salt. Who are these sources and why are we so judgemental about every little detail reported by the gossips. The other people dancing on the show have kids too, I don't hear you moaning and groaning about them. Where was all this concern when Marie Osmond left her kids to dance?


This is Jon's propogada machine spinning bullsh*t. Jon might be paying child support now, but for how long? We all know how upright and responsible Jon is. The separation and divorce left Kate in debt. Kate needs to earn a living. And whenever Jon has visitation with the children he uses that time for photo ops with the paps and also Jon becomes the 'fence whisperer'. Hey, the kids are in therapy and their issues will work themselves out as long as they have normalcy/routine in their lives.


Do DTWS celebrities get paid? I thought they were doing it for the mirror ball trophy. The Goesslin children seem pretty well messed up already. Five nannies!!! Why did she want all those children if she doesn't want to raise them? I am a firm believer in zero population growth - 2 children per household BUT if you do have all those children, take care of them. Please don't go on DWTS or any other show and shake your booty. I WAS a fan of DWTS - please read WAS - I will NEVER WATCH IT AS LONG AS KATE GOESSLIN IS ON IT. Jon and Kate are a mess and a train wreck and now they have 8 more careening down the track.


Please don't quote West Side Story incorrectly.


how is this woman suppose to support 8 kids? kate can't depend on jon for child support. she has to work. she is splitting her time between calif. and her home to be with the kids.
this story is just a bunch of unnamed sources claiming a lot of stuff. BTW, i don't like kate


Child Protective Services should step in & do thier job by protecting these poor children from the public display these idiot parents of thiers are putting them through. What is it going to take? One of the children to be taken and God only knows what be done to it? Kate Gosselin would only use that as a publicity stunt to gain more fame for her sorry parenting a**. These children may not be physicaly abused that the public is aware of but the mental abuse they are put through is a total lack of love from either parent. They both need to remember, it will always come back to bite them in the end & as many children as they are hurting, they should get all the publicity they can handle from the pain they will receive themselves.


Does it even matter anymore? These children haven't lived a normal life since they were born and judging by the way that Kate is (and their father) it would be no surprise to see them grow into even more spoiled brats than they already are.


As the song sung in Westside Story goes, "Only in America". Who knew that if a woman had 8 or more kids that she could have her own TV show or be on one where for a short time, she could earn a nice pay check. I remember when living back in N.J. in the early 60's, someone I knew had 9 children....all boys. She stopped after the 9 figuring she would never have a girl. Too bad she didn't know that she might have been able to get her own TV show! It's gotten out of hand and the line has to be drawn somewhere. She chose to have all these kids....let her deal with it. She wants some time alone.....go for a walk.

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