Report: Gosselin Kids "Depressed" By Kate's Dancing with the Stars Appearance

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Kate Gosselin has officially gone Hollywood.

Eight kids in Wernersville, Pa., don't like that one bit. Why can't a mom have fun, Kate Gosselin asks in People magazine. Um, because you have eight freaking kids.

Not even three months after Kate and Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized, their twins, 9, and sextuplets, 5, are struggling with even more upheaval.

Despite the makeshift studio they installed in her house, Dancing with the Stars still requires that Kate, its new cast member, be in L.A. at least three days a week.

The children are taking it hard. Minded by five nannies in her absence, the "depressed" kids "were asking, 'When is Mommy coming home?'" an insider reported.

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In fact, as she trained and promoted her Dancing with the Stars stint (debuting March 22), Kate spent February 21-March 5 away from the kids.

Two days a week? Hardly.

Twins Cara and Maddy "seem depressed when Kate isn't around," another source says. Five-year old Aaden, Collin and Joel, meanwhile, "got into trouble at school."

It's a disturbing pattern, but their mom, who "wants to be a huge star," justifies her "work" with a surprising comparison - that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do it!

"She frequently says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them," a family insider said.

Don't the kids usually go with Brangelina, though? Just wondering. And where's Jon Gosselin? Morgan Christie can't part with his two-inch package a few times a week?


OMG seriously! This is my opinion....If you guys were in her shoes you would take all the oppertunities that was givin to her! Who doesnt want lots of money! Also if you guys dont like it then dont watch her! Who are we to judge how she raises her kids! Thats her lifestyle its not like she abuses the crap out of them. Just some people get the chance to be stars and some dont. THATS LIFE ...


Someone needs to pull those kids out of that house hold.. She is a screaming unfit nipped and tucked bag of wind!!


They started off very likable and then started getting on your nerves. Now I cannot stand the look of that MOTHER of EIGHT screaming little brats, and the FATHER is a real piece of work..


she may want to meet the man of her dreams but it's going to be that mans worst nightmare!


I'm not a fan but seriously who cares if she is leaving her kids for a few days out of the week? LOTS of parents aren't with their kids 7 days a week because they are working. GET OVER IT


gee the kate gosselin publicity people are working overtime to make her look good in the public eye, at the end of the day this woman is NOT a star has no talent, only having 8 kids is well known for exploiting the little cash cows,is never home , nannies raising the litter at the end of the day its the public that can make or break her fame and it looks like the public have had enough of this idiot, KATE GOSSELIN your not all that


Love Kate! Have fun doing DWTS! Yes, if angelina can go do a movie with twins being 6 months old and not even have them near the set in fact another country! YOU GO KATE!!!!!!!!!


jon got kicked to the curb when the big bucks started to roll in , now the kids are getting kicked to the curb , those little cash cows have been exploited since birth now their show is over she doesn,t want to know them and is very happy to have nannies or whoever to have the responabilty of her litter, how discusting this woman is , by the way she,s not poor has made mega bucks off her family and anyway who cares if you can.t afford 8 kids why have them it was her choice to have all these kids she new what she was doing,the public isn,t reponsable for her kids


why are we still having to have this woman in our face all the time, she has no talent, no personality the reality show she was part of was so boring, now dwts another show I won,t be watching I hope she gets voted off in the first night, oh by the way so sick of hearing only doing it for the kids,kate your nothing haven,t got any talet just go home and look after your kids nobody cares less about you or your family suck it up like every other family and getout of our faces


Kate says she is doing this for her kids? Every word out of her mouth is a lie. I love what Johnny Weir said about her - "she is a nasty person." For all you idiots who like Kate - if she were really concerned about the welfare of her kids - she would find something that would allow her to stay home - hey - maybe lower her lifestyle, like most of america has had to do - to care for her family. The fact is - she thinks she's a star even though she has no talent. All she cares about is fame - she covers everything she does with the lie that its for her kids. No - its for her. These poor kids are going to grow up reading what shallow idiots their parents are - and boy are they going to act out. Its already starting. 5 nannies??? Please.

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